Session the Seventeenth

We took off after the kidnappers instead of escorting the caravan. Rowe assissted Kestra as she again led the group in tracking our quarry. We managed to lose them again but it was late so we set up camp and tried again the next day.

Lucain found Rowe after a narrow escape from his captors. These turn out to be different from the raiders that attacked the caravan and took off with Master Souk. We decided to go back to the caravan, having lost Souk’s trail in any case. We will then have an opportunity for Lucain to heal.

During the night Rowe was visited Primya and advised to attend to a mysterious problem in the Trollhaunt Warrens, wherein a Troll King was made impossible to kill. She gave me a direction and number of days to travel to get to the village of Moonstair.

We set out in the direction of the village and ran into a group of trolls, which we managed to dispatch with fiery powers. We met the trolls’ victim, a high daemon named Chance, who begged us to help him to Moonstair. We agreed and he provided a shortcut.

The shortcut was rather dangerous, leading us into a group of shambling mounts and electric trees, hedged with blade bushes. We were not impressed. Chance ran away and disappeared and we returned to the road after dispatching the foes.

We then continued to the small town of Moonstair…

XP award: 1412

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