Session the Sixteenth

Lucain was taken at the last moment by one of his captors and we followed him for two days before, on the third day, we lost his trail. Then we were ambushed by murderers and assassins who tried very, very hard to kill Rowe. Had he not healed like a madman, he would have been dead three times over. Ultimately, the Phoenix ring saved him.

They were defeated at a high price, but the murderers and assassin bore no particular papers to identify them, though the assassin bore the symbol of Syn. This in itself isn’t terribly surprising.

We encountered a caravan that was attacked. They suffered poison, first, and some of their number ran off. A Master Souk was also taken, apparently. He was the leader of a small town.

We agree to help the caravan to the small town they hail from and see a lady who will be very concerned over Master Souk, and from whom we may learn more.

In the meanwhile we questioned the people of the caravan. Aiy, we found out, poisoned people so her allies could take Souk. It was a sleeping poison. Also, three disappeared with Souk including Drent, Toyden, and Mika.

Tomtom was more of a fawning follower of Master Souk, but Rowe convinced him to provide us with some helpful information. He had been clubbed, then Drent, Toyden and Mika dragged Master Souk off into the woods.

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