Session the Fifteenth

Having driven off the vampiress and her minions the team took a moment to take stock of what she had in her mausoleum. There was a small bag with 103 platinum pieces, two potions of Vitality, suit of chainmail armor (Imposter’s Chain +4, AV46), and a pair of enchanted boots (Earthstriders, Lvl 14 AV128). Unsure who might use the chain yet (possibly Syreelia), we stored it. The Earthstrider boots were given to Rowe, one of the potions to Naya and the other to Trysten.

The money was split 4 ways — 25 platinum for Lucain, Naya, Sulwyn, and Rowe. Rowe is holding Sulwyn’s share. 3 platinum was left over for a “party fund”.

On our way back, we cannot locate Sulwyn and then we hear sounds of fighting! We set out to find out what’s happened. Unfortunately we find the remains of a Linked Portal! No clue as to where Sulwyn and his new vampire overlord went, though. Syrelia is pretty upset.

We decide that the best way to find out where he was taken would be to find out who was in charge of this area and see if they could tell us. Otherwise, we may be able to track them using magic. This led us to the second floor of the mansion, which was a library infested with animated statues. After defeating them, Naya found a box and wouldn’t give it up. It was highly magical.

We find a journal by a man named Jacobo who lived long ago. This man created all these constructs to protect himself (he was a wielder). We did find a number of passwords that would have allowed others to bypass the animations. None opened the box.

Ultimately, we sent Zayne, empowered with Trystan’s blood, with Syrelia to look for Sulwyn, starting in Carn. Valerius was sent to Carn with them so he could recover with most attention from healers.

In the night, Lucain was taken. He’d set up a camp outside. Rowe had visions of children attacked and their blood drained. Naya woke up thinking Kestra stole the box. Trystan worked on opening the box.

Once we found out what happened to Lucain, we got packed up. About that time, Trystan got the box open, revealing a stone and an image of Jacobo Rex, who was a friend of Rowyn who was a wielder. Jacobo had helped with the creation of the tree home.

Jacobo thanked Naya for keeping him safe. He told a story of how he’d fled to Vhaillon during the Great War and hid to avoid trackers hunting wielders. He stored an impression of his soul in the stone after realizing things like the bloodstone were possible (he helped create Zayne’s bloodstone). Naya would continue to keep him safe.

We pursued the trail of Lucain’s captors and found four of them left. The party acted and freed Lucain and took the drakith prisoner in turn. We got information indicating that Naya was supposed to have killed her father and has been at war with her brother since then.

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