The Praxus Princess Part VI – Father and Son

The king, Julius and Oollana all stood at the umbilical hatchway. The sounds of metal on metal were muted but unmistakable as the Royal Falcon maneuvered to dock with the Gundark. Julius and Oollana were both dressed in crewman clothing and both carried toolboxes. As if on cue the force had provided a way for Oollana to get on the ship after all.

As the king had predicted only he was allowed to meet with the kidnappers regarding his daughter but they made one small concession, they needed someone to fix the damaged hyperdrive on the Gundark and the king offered, as a show of good faith, a couple of crewmen to work on their hyperdrive. It was the perfect opportunity to get Oollana on board with the king. She had enough training and skill with repair that she would pass as competent and of course Julius would play the lead mechanic. She also used the opportunity to disguise her lightsaber as a large hydrospanner and hoped that a casual inspection would not reveal it.

The grinding metal noise came to a stop and was soon replaced with the hissing of escaping gas as the umbilical was pressurized. The light above the hatch eventually blinked green indicating equalized pressure and Julius turned the lock opening the hatch. The umbilical arm was large enough to walk through although a normal sized human had to hunch down a bit to avoid hitting their head.

When they reached the other side of the umbilical the other hatch opened and they could see several guards on the other side. They walked through and were met by six guards with blasters drawn. They wore sleek black outfits with stylish, red claw marks on the left shoulder. The colors of the outfits matched the hull of the Gundark itself and gave them a sinister appearance which was the goal.

The guards took the toolboxes and escorted the three of them to a spacious holding area. As they entered the large room Oollana could tell that on a normal ship this would have been a cargo area but had been transformed into a sparring room not unlike that on the Royal Falcon. But her attention was drawn to the center of the room where there stood a man in dark clothing behind a woman sitting in a chair, bound, who Oollana had seen in her vision, the princess Katerina. And behind the man were two others dressed in black robes but lacked the tattooing on the face of the one behind the princess. Oollana surmised that these were the acolytes or apprentices. She suspected acolytes since she had not felt their presence in the force before. She could also see the lightsaber hanging off of the belt of the menacing one.

The three of them, with the king in front, were marched to the center of the room and halted before they got within 20 paces of the princess and then the dark figure spoke. “Ah… welcome. It is a pleasure to finally meet the great King Caspar, king of Medea, lord of the royal army, hero of the battle at Monu, patriot, father to princess Katerina and father to one Sith lord.” He paused dramatically while bowing to the king in a mock gesture. The last, however, did not have the desired effect, the king remained stoic and seemed not to react what he was just told.

The man stepped in front of the princess and glared menacingly at the king. “Did you not hear me? I just told you that you were my father.”

“I do not have a son”, the king replied.

The man laughed. “Oh yes. Yes you do. You don’t know his name of course but that is because someone else named him. Perhaps you remember Onar Vectis. He was my father in your absence.” He paused and allowed the king to mull it over a moment and then continued. “Oh don’t worry father, I know you didn’t abandon me. In fact, I know exactly what happened. Onar, or as I knew him, Lord Onyx, stole me from you.”

The king’s eyes narrowed with anger.

“How sweet the betrayal that you had a sith under your very nose all those years, but don’t worry, I killed him for you. Yes, your son has killed the traitor in your midst so don’t let your heart be troubled. But I get ahead of myself, forgive me. Please let me introduce myself, I am lord Valar.”

The king continued to stare at the man. There was a clear edge of insanity in Valar’s voice but the resemblance of this man’s features to his own were unmistakable. What Oollana had told him would happen did happen and he couldn’t continue to deny it. The truth of it had sunk in back on the Royal Falcon but it was made apparent in this moment. But he was still confused. “Then why have you kidnapped your sister?”

Valar stepped behind the princess and brought his face close to hers causing her to pull her face away as best she could. “To get to you of course” he said as if it had been obvious all this time. He turned to the king and took a few steps closer. “See, you are the one obstacle left in completing my destiny. I don’t expect you to understand but the simple truth is that you must die.” He smiled. “And you so willingly came alone. I have to admit that I was hoping for a bit more of a struggle from you. I expected you to be smarter.”
Lord Valar completely ignored Oollana and Julius and Oollana noted that two of the guards were going through the toolboxes on the floor nearby and so far they seemed satisfied with what they found.

“You even brought me two of your finest mechanics to fix my ship.” He looked at Oollana and Julius for a moment then turned back to the king. “I am surprised you managed to remain a king all this time, being as careless as you are.”

The king remained defiant. “Then if you are going to kill me then get on with it and let my daughter go, she has no part in this.”
Lord Valar signaled the guards to take Oollana and Julius away to a room that was on the other side of where they had come in. It was probably the engineering room. “Patience father, first I have a present for you.” He walked behind the princess again and drew out his lightsaber.

Oollana’s mind was racing. They were being escorted away from the king and her own lightsaber was still in the toolbox on the floor being repacked by the guards. She also had an idea of what Valar was going to do. He was going to make the king suffer first.
Lord Valar raised his hand with the unlit lightsaber in his hand. “It is time to say goodbye” Valar said through clinched teeth as the hatred and anger came pouring out of him.

The crimson light sprang into being with a snap-hiss and everything happened at once.

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