The Praxus Princess Part IV – Farseeing

Oollana sat in the quiet of her room aboard the Royal Falcon. The lights were low and she sat with crossed legs on top of her made bed. She examined the photos on the datapad for a few minutes and then set it beside her on the bed. She closed her eyes and focused on the images of Princess Katerina. She let the force guide her as her mind wandered first out of her room and then into the cosmos around the ship. She was using a technique her master had taught her that he had called ‘Farseeing’. It allowed her to find people she was familiar with in the force regardless of how far away they might be. She thought that this would be a good opportunity to not only determine the princess’ condition but to also get a sense of the surroundings possibly better preparing herself for what she was about to walk into.

She could feel the force tugging her focus in different directions until it locked onto a distant point. Then suddenly she could see the princess. She sat in a room that apparently was a makeshift cell. Her long, braided brown hair and her expensive clothing were in disarray but she didn’t seem to show any signs of having been tortured or starved. The princess’ fear and anxiety washed over Oollana and it was strong enough to almost mask something Oollana had not expected. Princess Katerina was sensitive to the force. It was a weak connection to the force suggesting no training but it was there nonetheless. This didn’t come as a great shock to Oollana even though she hadn’t anticipated it. Her mother was a Jedi and force sensitivity did tend to pass down genetic lines. Oollana mentally chastised herself for not seeing something so obvious before. But her attention was drawn to an even greater surprise, the presence of a much stronger force user nearby to the princess. Oollana could not see anyone near to the princess but the presence was unmistakable and what was more was that something was familiar about the presence. Whoever it was that was on the ship with the princess was clearly trained in using the force and his or her power was palpable. In fact their force training was greater than her own. The situation was clearly not as it had seemed from the beginning.

Oollana focused on the force presences for a moment and eventually realized why she recognized the second force presence. It was similar to the force imprint that the princess herself was making. The realization took a moment to register since she was still thinking about the mere presence of a second force user and when it did Oollana opened her eyes in surprise breaking her force trance and could now only see the dim light of her own room. This changed everything and the king had to know right away even though he was not going to believe her.


Oollana was sure she was right. Force signatures were unique. When she used to sense the force around her at the enclave she could always pick out the various jedi and her friends simply because each of them had given off a unique impression in the force. She had never considered that some impressions might be similar to each other and she pondered this while she waited for Ben to announce her presence to the king. This meeting was not going to go well. If she was right, and she was sure she was, then the king had been betrayed 22 years ago by his aid-de-camp. That was the only explanation she could think of. But she was going to have to be calm and was going to have to ask the king a few difficult questions before she could be sure. Certainly she was concerned with the notion that a force wielder, more powerful than herself, was holding the kings’ daughter for ransom but that wasn’t the issue right now and she would have to deal with it later.

Ben returned and escorted her into the king’s quarters. He rose from his chair at a small table and indicated for Ben to leave the room. The king watched Ben as he left and once he was gone he turned his attention to Oollana. “I take it that your presence means there is news.” He then gestured to a chair on the other side of the table. “Please, have a seat.”

Oollana had not really thought about how she was going to tell the king, she just knew that she had to but she wanted to make sure first that her instincts were correct. She sat and looked calmly over at the king. He was anxious and she knew that which made her situation even more difficult. “First, your daughter is ok. She is scared and afraid but I did not sense any signs of pain or see any marks on her that would indicate that she was mistreated.”

The king visibly heaved a sigh of relief. He had clearly expected the worst and so the news overwhelmed him and he covered his face with his hand as he tried to control his release of emotion. After a long pause he looked up again and the emotional strain was more evident than ever. Oollana waited until she thought he was ready to continue. “However, I have seen a few things that I must try to understand and to do that I need to ask you a few questions.”

The king rubbed the bridge of his nose trying to reign in his thoughts. “Yes, please, anything.”

“When the twin boy died 22 years ago, did you see the boy?”

The king looked up in shock. He hadn’t expected this and he was at a loss of words for a moment. “What?!”, he half yelled. “What in the hell is this? And what does it have to do with my daughter?”

Oollana put her hands flat on the table knowing that this posture was the least likely to invoke anger. “Please, your Highness, it has everything to do with your daughter. You will have to trust me and hear me out but before I can tell you more I need to clarify a few things.”

The king was angry and Oollana wasn’t sure if he would cooperate for a moment. “No”, he said with anger still in his voice. “I did not see the boy. He was cremated as is our tradition and I did not get home in time to see him. It was unusual for them not to wait but I was in too much distress at the time to make too big a deal of it.”

That was all Oollana needed to know. She paused searching her feelings for any hint of doubt. There was none. “Your highness, when we meet with those who have captured your daughter, there will be one among them who will claim to be your son.”

The king exploded and stood over Oollana. “Why in Kessel’s name would they do that?”

Oollana looked up at him and calmly stated. “Because he is.”

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