Session the Fourteenth

After our ordeal with the murderous carriage, we decided to get some rest before we proceeded.

We spread out and explore the grounds and discovered animated statues in an old garden. These we engaged and cleared, before continuing on our exploration. We next encountered a hedge maze peopled by undead ghouls. They were nasty to fight and smelled worse. These, too, we overcame and approached a building within the hedge. This was guarded by undead spawn of some kind seemingly led by a more powerful undead leader. Rowe was immediately dominated by this creature. She seemed a beautiful if deadly creature. She also in turn dominated Naya, who later broke free of her control after striking at Rowe, and then Sulwyn was her target. He persistently attacked Rowe, who was using radiant spells to harm the vampire woman, but his fire spells did no damage.

The vampire decided then that she couldn’t combat the entire group since we had by then dispatched all her minions, and she fled in the form of mist, nearly taking Sulwyn with her.

Rowe and Trystan then investigated the now-abandoned tomb and found treasure…

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