Session the Thirteenth

Trystan received a rather poor reception when she arrived, porting in with Rowe. Kestra’s attack had her put off and she took herself outside, being uncomfortable with the group inside the shack.

Rowe spoke with her briefly, trying to assure her that his friends were not bad people, just mistaken. He then went inside to take care of the injured and the sick. Syreelia’s fever developed also a secondary infection. Sulwyn stayed to watch over her after even Rowe’s careful ministrations failed to improve her condition. Kestra recovered with Rowe’s help, and Valarian was set on the road to recovery. While healed of his injuries, he was in need of proper food, water, and rest.

Lucain went outside with Trystan, and they talked some about the entrance to this place being collapsed.

Rowe had said he was curious about the mansion in this underground place and wanted to investigate. They assembled a team consisting of Naya, Kestra, Lucain, Styx (one of Naya’s bodyguards), Rowe and Trystan. Sulwyn and two other bodyguards were left to watch Syrelia and Valarian.

The team approached the mansion cautiously, then discovered it was protected by a half-dozen animated statues of two different kinds. One would grasp a victim and the other would simply slam a victim into unconsciousness. Several members of the team were grasped tight and hurt badly during the fight. As the fight drew on, a sniping archer appeared in the top floor of the mansion and contributed to our pain. However, the team was eventually able to destroy the statues. That caused the sniper to retreat further inside the mansion.

After taking care of injuries the group was ready to press on. This took a little time, however, and the fight brought out many more questions by Kestra. She was now able to bear witness to the magical forces employed by Trystan and Rowe and was curious about it. Rowe deduced that her pact with Syn had opened new paths to power and opened her eyes to the mystical world. In order to harness her gift, she needed an implement. He suggested she carve for herself a wand. This proved successful and she began to practice.

Trystan pointed out that to her there was no difference between Rowe’s magic and Trystan’s magic as neither were wielders. Rowe took exception to that, stating that the source of their power was important, that his from Torn was different from the powers Kestra received from Syn. In a broad sense of the word enchanter, Trystan was correct. However, Rowe didn’t like having the world lumped into wielder and non-wielder. He felt insulted by that. Trystan went to speak with Lucain for a while, leaving Rowe with Kestra.

After setting Lucain to watch for enemy movement, the rest of the team checked the interior of the house. The first floor appeared largely abandoned, being the abode of weres and wolves. However, it was the adjoining stables where they found their most difficult challenge thus far; that of an animated wagon. The thing seemed to have a will of its own (which was focused on rampaging and running people down) and was supernaturally tough and resistant to much of the damage the team inflicted upon it. It slammed through walls, whipped at team members, and ran us over multiple times before we were able to pin it down inside Rowe’s Blad Barrier. There it received the full onslaught of the entire team’s powers. Even this took a great deal of effort and time. Many of the team members were badly injured in the battle, but ultimately the team survived and prevailed intact.

Now all that was left was to check the upper floors for the mad creator of these insane animations.

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