Recap for Session 12

Immediate Situation
Crusader, acting on a hunch and feeling it was his only option, began asphyxiating the Red Man who claimed to be extra dimensional. Proximus and Miho, having serious issue with this acted. Proximus tried to pull Crusader off and Miho acting on a hunch activated a a sonic scan she was setting up at full power, disrupting the Red Man’s structure and bringing Metatide back….

  • Proximus and Crusader exchange words and Proximus begins to pack to leave for good.
  • Metatide, talking to Miho and the others, comes to a dreadful conclusion concerning the origin of the Red Man.
  • Valentine speaks to Crusader shortly after.

Ongoing Situations

  1. Mel, the alien subject of a vision/psychic communication of Eribos’, is aboard the starship Churchill whose destination is either Terminus or Titan. It may hold the clue to the origin and purpose of the twin’s powers.
  2. Senator Clark, a member of the Genesis Trust, is arranging for a meeting for Crusader and/or the team with the EarthGov president.
  3. A group of pro-Earth, anti-alien/anti-spacer mutant saboteurs are making more brazen attacks.
  4. Someone is arming Gamma-level mutant criminals with technological boosters.
  5. Oriana’s friend Angelique made an offer to her to join in the use of ancient alien technology to put Earth ahead of its rivals such as the totalitarian Confederation.
  6. Dr. Cyrus (aka Psyon), is still on the loose.
  7. The Confeds are watching Proximus and the three children in his care.  Another group, followers of Shard, seeks them for another reason.

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