Session the Twelfth

Rowe explains a bit of what is going on to Attius. Then we feel a kind of ripple in reality. All of us felt it, everywhere we were.

Rowe wrote a letter for Kestra and sent her to Carn, telling her to deliver that to Sulwyn. Meanwhile, he, Zayne, and Attius escorted Bronwyn home to her family. From there, Rowe intended to use a portal to head to Ozur, which he thought might be closer to where the shooting star fell.

Back in Carn, Sulwyn and Lucan note changes in the goblins and house. The baby, Elune seems older now, more than a toddler, even. She seems a pre-teen! Syrelia fell ill when the waves past through. Worse, it appears that most people with healing abilities seem to have lost this talent.

Kestra, now in Carn, sees Fae moving about in Carn as if it was totally normal. Also some Cait Sidhe are present. High and low daemon are still here.

Sulwyn made plans to get moving after Valerius (and hopefully also Naya, assuming she is with him).

Meanwhile, Naya attempts to figure out what is going on in the war-torn capital of Vhaillon. She has to rely on her stealth and streetwise, but unfortunately cannot seem to figure out what exactly to do.

Sulwyn gathers people in Carn and sets about looking for a way into Vhaillon. Kanderus shows a different situation — 10 years ago a major war occurred, and the world divided. Sulwyn explains that it must be the comet that changed the world as this was not how it was. Kanderus tells him that Arcasia has an army of Wielders. Arcasia now controls Vhaillon, Teannyn and Donavesh. Xyas and Fiori remain neutral. Several are sent with each legion sent out. Some wielders are also with the alliance which consists of Phondath, Enoere and Riall. He also says that a few years ago, gifted healers lost their power to heal.

The team decides to have one last party before they leave. Kanderus suggested this, saying their trip would be one day, so they should put their affairs in order. Rehn appeared at the party as well. He seemed keenly interested in getting Arcayn Bloodwine. They didn’t have any at the party, though. Kestra committed herself to Rehn.

Rowe, Attius and Zayne took Bronwyn home and inquired into using the portal to go to Ozur. It took 2 days to do the paperwork and then we could go. Once there, we find out it hit near the coast, making a crater and wiping out an area. We head out after acquiring horses and ride for the coast. After arriving at a village, we help a fisherman who takes us to a place called Star Island. There we seek out a hermit and ask him of the history of the place and about a shooting star.

They met the hermit and his “daughter”. This turned out to be Trysten, though she was young and did not know many things. To her, her parents were killed only recently. She is a person plucked out of time. She doesn’t know Rowe or anyone else — but she did remember Zayne. He gave her the bloodstone and necklace and she realizes the story that Rowe told was true.

They go to Carn. There Trysten realizes how much has changed. Even Rowe is agog at the changes there from what he remembers. Nothing is the same, it seems…

Meanwhile, Sulwyn, Lucan, Kestra and Syrelia traverse an underground entrance. They must find their way through to get into Vhaillon as it leads through the mountains. They find an orchard and path, and there engage werewolves. They also discover Naya, who aids them in battle. Kestra and Syrelia have caught Moon Frenzy sickness from the werewolf attack.

Meanwhile, Rowe, in Carn, says hello to his father (who is surprisingly cordial). Rehn arrives and sends Rowe and Trysten and Zayne to the surprised group. Kestra attacked Rowe, mistaking him for an enemy and Tristen defended.

But, at last the group is back together and they must decide what to do next.

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