Villains – Session 11

Arclight returned to save his cohorts, starting a battle to the finish with Genesis. CAPTURED

Red Crystal Man
Appeared during the battle with Arclight. Assaulted Eribos and claimed to have kidnapped Metatide. Evasive, insulting, and mysogynistic, the red crystal man was eventually captured. His actions prompted Crusader to take extraordinary means to extricate Metatide from his grasp, leading to a possible breach in the team. When Miho described the assailant later to Lake, her suspicions were confirmed… SITUATION UNKNOWN

Appeared in Minneapolis to delay the team. Defeated after a long fight, his robotic pieces all that was left; though Proximus heard the word downloading, during his defeat. DESTROYED

Angelique (Amethyst)
Not quite a villain, but showing potentially villainous tendancies. Transported Oriana to Alpha to give her an offer of power and prestige. Oriana offered to ask the team to listen to a presentation from her about this new technology.

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