Villains Session 10

Gamma-level mutant with a bio-electric power booster exo skeleton. Easily captured by Genesis as he tried to conduct a shadowrun.

Confederation agent who struck a deal with Crusader to end the Spacetown crisis. A humanoid, he/she/it was completely masked and encased in black armor with golden and silver hued energy shields at its command. Likely one of the Syndarri-human hybrids, but it is not known for sure.

Confederation Agents
Five Confederation humanoid agents, one obviously female who seemed to be co-leader with Cerisynn, were at the infiltration at Spacetown. The were unnamed.

Pulsar, Arclight, and Ripper
Three robophobic mutants who destroyed a factory in the Minnesota region. The team quickly defeated two of them, with Arclight escaping.

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