Session the Eleventh

Vinneas and his top henchmen arrived! Rowe turns from Bronwyn to face Vinneas with his stone to summon Githard. Zayne prepares for battle and a lot of blood! Rowe owes Githard a drink for summoning him straight into battle.

We engaged Vinneas and his people but had a very difficult time even putting up much of a fight. We did knock down his paladin and strike Vinneas himself. However, Bronwyn tried to help by removing the other combatants to let Rowe have a chance at Vinneas. However, the others did come back to the battle very quickly, including Vinneas’ bodyguard who struck Rowe from behind. Bronwyn aided him again, nearly being killed as she took a killing blow for him.

Wielders appeared overhead and ended the battle early. Rowe, Bronwyn and Attius (who ran into the fight when he saw Bronwyn hurt) appeared in the Tree home. Sulwyn was sent to be with Syreelia. Lucan was with him, near Elune. Kestra found herself in Ren’s boudoire. Naya was sent to Valerius.

Sulwyn and Lucan witness a falling star. Attius, Zayne and Rowe also witness it. Something feels very wrong! Something has changed. Naya and Valerius.

Bronwyn shows Rowe her choices, her visions. He understands that there is still happiness possible with the choice she made, though he is unsure that destiny may have been changed due to choices he’s made out of ignorance of what she’d seen. He and Attius come to an understanding.

Rowe also tells Bronwyn of her true heritage as the true heir to the throne of Arcasia. The marks are the proof. Attius chooses to fight beside Rowe, to be with Bronwyn. Also, Rowe knows Bronwyn is pregnant.

Meanwhile Sulwyn speaks with Lelu about the change everyone has felt and the coming of the falling star.

Ren brings Kestra (unconscious) to Rowe at the tree home. Ren introduces himself as a friend, and they ask him how to remove the horrid thing that had been done to Bronwyn. Ren asks to draw a bargain. He wants Rowe to help him convince Kestra to join with him. Rowe, Bronwyn and Attius agree. Ren is revealed to be Syn, whom Rowe recognizes as a “freelance” type demigod.

Syn rips out the creature someone had put into Bronwyn and destroys it. Rowe heals Bronwyn.

The creature exerted control over Bronwyn in an unnatural way. Something was done to her to manifest dormant abilities. The creature was made by someone. Syn said she will recover and her level of power will diminish.

After Syn leaves, Rowe portals the group to Carn.

XP Award: 2,000

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