Report to Crusader on the EAS Churchill

TO: Crusader
FR: Ariel Rosiiskaya, personal secretary to Mr. Dietrich Vance
RE: Current wherabouts of the the Churchill.

Crusader, Mr. Vance has asked me to inform you that the Churchill is due to arrive at the Tannhauser Gate (Haven) in three days and then proceed after a four day layover there at EarthForce’s McArthur Base orbiting Haven either to Terminus; or to the EarthForce Prison Facility on Titan. As you know Terminus’s location is classified, and getting you into the Titan prison facility would be very difficult.

We can offer the following options:
1. We could make a special request via EarthForce channels to allow your team to meet with the Churchill at Haven. This would require trust on your part concerning the Tempest. Your team would need to acquire the services of a Guild Navigator and use the new experimental test stargate at the Titan-Triton test range. It should speed up travel time sufficiently enough for your ship to make it. Though it is somewhat risky as the technology hasn’t had a long-range test. Our new staff navigator may be able to offer her services, but we cannot commit her without you explaining the need for the trip. Without her and the test gate, your would arrive 3 days too late. Upon arrival, we know that Lt. Britt served aboard the Churchill with its current captain, Xao Yan, when she was a squadron commander. She might be able to arrange a meeting. We would of course try to send a message via channels, but no guerentees.

2. If the Churchill goes to Terminus, you will need to meet with the head of EarthGov Security’s Reform & Rehabilitation division, Jean-Paul DeVries to arrange passage. We can arrange a meeting with him for you. Marius knows DeVries and could pull in a favor.

3. If the Churchill goes to Titan, I’m afraid there is little we can do except to go through channels. This could take weeks before a meeting would be granted, if at all.

Mr. Vance hopes this helps.


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