Report to Proximus

TO: Proximus – Genesis
FR: Dr. Anna Abernathy – Coalition Embassy: Medical Center
RE: Three Children

Proximus, we have put the children through a physical and full scan akin to the one we performed on you to measure your power. It is confirmed that all three possess power potential akin to yours, albeit at a much lower potential. As long as there is no immediate threat to the embassy, we have no problem keeping them here as it would be the safest place.

I also followed up on this S’slaa mutant named E’erath whom the children considered contacting. Auroran Intelligence confirms that he possesses powers similar to yours and has been active in the Outer Sphere areas near the S’slaa system. While we cannot confirm this, rumor is that he has taken on cosmic energy shell like yours and possesses similar but not exactly identical powers. Several outer colonies have noted his appearence and he seems to have helped against several Tharg raids against human colonists who have good relations with the S’slaa. It’s possible this E’erath was among the S’slaa abourd a trade ship which responded to the distress calls from ships following the final confrontation with Shard.


The S’slaa have some trade with the Human Sphere worlds. They are reptiliod/amphibiod beings slightly shorter than humans in stature. They have a half-dozen colony worlds and have made greater contact with humanity in the last 20 years.

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  1. A.A. – We’ve learned that E’erath has a pseudonym he uses. S’kora Averslsss’ka. Roughly translated it means “clever aggressive creature that travels through the stars with luck”. For short, the humans on the colonies that have run into him call him the more familiar Starfox or SpaceRaptor. The former is more often used, albeit the latter is more correct.

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