Recap for Session X


Crusader has been making headway dealing with various groups and organizations which could help or hinder the team in the future. The mayor and police commissioner are behind the team so far, plus there are the beginnings of good relations with the Guild, the Commerce Transit Authority (CTA), and the Security Police as a whole. No EarthForce contacts have been made, though an Earthforce test pilot is assigned to the team associated with the new Tempest Class transport. Crusader was planning on building relations with EarthGov, the Spacers, the SPs as a whole, and possibly EarthForce as needed. In addition, he has made contact with a former costumed supervillain, The Fly, who seems to have mended his ways.

Metatide has began taking on more of the role of a spokesman for the group, both via the InterWeb and by using a new fake persona as the group’s ‘press agent’, John Rivers. In addition she is slowly building contacts with former adversaries and others. Her worry about being mentally controlled still is an issue for her, though Crusader, Kelsey, and Miho have taken as many steps as possible to insure it never happens again.

Proximus has taken under his wing three teen refugees from offworld who share birthdates

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