Session the Tenth

The group returns to Lyum. Kestra has her mission, of course, which is ongoing. Rowe cast another Sending to Bronwyn. “I love you Bronwyn, so I’ll do what you ask. I’m sending Attius for you. He loves you, too. I’ll try not to kill him.”

Again she surprised him with a response, “Rowe, I’m so sorry.”

Meanwhile, Kestra had a very challenging time penetrating the palace. This fortified castle had many guards and closely guarded entrances. Ren assisted with a distraction to get her on the inside.

Meanwhile, Naya asked Rowe, Sulwyn and Lucan go to assist her in a right of passage but find they cannot leave the city — it’s on lockdown due to a breach of security in the castle!

Complications developed for Kestra. She worked on infiltrating all night but ended up being discovered in her guise as a servant. She was cornered by guards and Vineus himself! After a valiant fight, she was taken down by Vineus who banished her temporarily to an otherworld dimension where she collapsed. She woke up in Ren’s care.

Meanwhile, the rest tried again to leave the city and were allowed this time. They took part in a ritual for Naya to come of age, taking the roles of fiery dragonkin. It was a very difficult task and it had to be tried twice, but at last Naya was able to bind the spirit of a flamedrake into her sword.

The next day, Rowe let Zayne go to find and collect Kestra, walking in on them almost having sex. He escorted her to meet Rowe.

The troupe traveled north to find a port city where they might take ship to Vhaillon to look for Valerius. On the way, they discovered someone following them. This robed and hooded figured asked to speak with Rowe alone. It turned out to be Bronwyn and they had a much-needed very private conversation. They talked about their roles, fears and doubts. Rowe expressed how lost he felt, and Bronwyn told him that was not like him. He said that he guessed everything changed. He healed her but as they spoke she looked more and more ill. Then her spell of silence collapsed and they heard the others warning about Vinneus approaching with 3 other riders!

Experience: 2,000.

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