Session the Ninth

After saving the village, the villagers provide the team with a home and a celebration. Rowe asks the elder to let him know if he remembers anything new about what was taken from him by the White Witch. The elder says he isn’t quite as strong as he was before. This strength had appeared a number of years ago.

Having discovered that Bronwyn was currently “nowhere”, Rowe seems lost, listless. But he casts a Sending, “I miss you.” To his shock, she responds, “And I you, but stay away. It is not time.” Her voice is strained and in pain from the injury that Kestra gave her. Still, contact was made and Rowe is relieved and happy. He makes plans to return to Lyeum.

Suulwyn doesn’t look well. Rowe looks after him.

Kestra is down. So is Naya. Rowe reassures Kestra Bronwyn survived her shot.

Lucan has a dream that has real effects. He saves a baby from elven archers but is badly injured in doing so. Though it was a dream, the baby and the injuries are real enough.

The team returns to Lyeum. Syrelia is critically sick. Rowe looks at her and decides this is a supernatural illness, and decides the first thing is to try to take her away from whatever influence is causing this. He casts Linked Portal to send Suulwyn and her home to recover. Rowe will go to study Lyeum’s portal so that he can port here in the future.

Kestra was sent to collect info on the new king.

Rowe sent a letter to Attias (hopefully). Then he goes to study the portal for Lyeum.

Suulwyn took Syrelia and Max found them. Kanderus arrives with a madwoman who seems can help Syrelia. She tells him to collect elements to help her. Things like… “thunder”. Kanderus says he will stay there to watch Zora (madwoman) and Syrelia.

Kestra tells Rowe what she found out. Rowe sends her back to learn more. He then returns to Carn to check on Syrelia and Suulwyn, along with the other friends. Suulwyn has completed his quest and collected the elements to heal Syrelia.

Kestra makes a contact and they seem to hit it off. They plan to infiltrate the palace in a couple days.

After leaving the city of Carn (and the new baby, Elune Lightbringer, in the care of a wetnurse), the team is back in Lyeum. Suulwyn remains behind with Syrelia for the moment, but he will catch up soon.

A woman from the temple of Solaria goes to help raise the child after Lucan meets with them and tells them the story of how he found the baby. They recognize Elune as a great healer.

Rowe gets a message in return to meet Attius in another day.

They meet and discuss. Attius clearly loves Bronwyn. He asks that he be the one to look for Bronwyn. Rowe to look for Valarius. Their is a lot of friction present, as each senses the other loves Bronwyn..

XP Award: 2000

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