NeoYork Mayor and SPs Endorse Genesis

April 4, 2911

The Mayor today announced a cooperative effort between the NeoYork city government and the NYSP to work with the private Genesis Initiative, in particular the team led by the new Crusader, in preventing and addressing the building meta-crime wave in the city. Police representatives will be working with Genesis on a liaison basis. Crusader has also reached out to the other Earth policing and governmental organizations, from the Guild to EarthGov itself.

Genesis spokesperson John Rivers stated that Genesis looks forward to working with the City. He added that all the members of Genesis are highly trained professionals who share a common goal of standing up for justice and the liberties that have been a cornerstone of United Earth for centuries.

2 thoughts on “NeoYork Mayor and SPs Endorse Genesis”

  1. Hey, Metatide is no freak. She saved my life a couple days ago. Where were the police when this plasma guy enveloped me in hot plasma goo? Nowhere. The freaks are here, but it is Genesis who’ll kick their ass. T.B. – NeoYork

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