Villains – Session 9

Plasmus Derek Lars
A gamma-level mutant who somehow gained technology that increased the potency of a minor radiation ability to beta class levels. He and his cohorts attempted a smash-and-grab at a NeoYork rare elements depository and were foiled by Genesis. CAPTURED

The FlyDr. Englebert Dipterius Breckenridge
Noticed by Crusader at the Black Thumb bar, the Fly is a reformed super villain from the 21st Century. Hundreds of years ago during the economic upheavals of the 2000s, the man who would become the Fly was an aspiring scientist. Brilliant and revolutionary ideas characterized his work; work that others of lesser skill took as their own. He protested and they framed him, ruining his reputation. Driven into despair and rage he chose to take revenge on his former colleagues; only to be undone by the minor costumed hero known as Spider. Vowing he would “Step on Spider” and gain all the recognition and fame he was denied, he became The Fly as a pun. Revenge of the victimized against the perpetrators. At least as he saw it. Spider eventually disappeared, actually being cryofrozen by the villain DeepFreeze, and disappearing from history until 2883 when he was discovered by archaeologists. Spider, knowing only one skill, crimefighting, slowly adjusted to the future and against all odds became a force for good once more; albeit a minor one. The Fly, insane after his increasingly complex plans were being frustrated constantly, froze himself in a time capsule; which opened in two years after Spider’s arrival. Once he learned of Spider surviving, the Fly finally snapped and declaired war on all costumed heroes. Many years, plots, and ingenious escapes later, the Fly was put away for treatment in 2891, only emerging last year. Now, the former villain, with his unique view of history, is a professor at Columbia University in NeoYork. Having paid his debt to society he might now get the recognition he has always craved. He still hates Spider, but the old hero is now in retirement and has fallen off the radar.

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