Standard Equipment

Standard Genesis Equipment List
This is the standard equipment list. This isn’t exclusive and may be added to as team needs change.

Genesis Uniform
Made of flexible energy cloth with unique member design and team logo. Biowieve Armor (5 PD/ED), Kinetic Reinforcement (Damage Resistance (5 PD/ED) and Emergency Life Support (approximately 30-45 minutes). (NOTE: Metatides loses the Kinetic Reinforcement and gains black light camouflage, making it essentially invisible with a fringe; Miho is working on a usable alternative or Metatide may just go without as needed).

Transponder/MicroCom Ring
This ring includes an encrypted location transponder and communications interlink. Includes micro-holographic display and voice record/recognition system. Range – 50 km Secure/ Planetary if extended into the EarthCom grid. Includes optional headset for subvocalization or whispered orders. Display can do mapping, basic navigation, and with wifi connection to a citywide, shipboard or planetary computer, connect to the Interweb, EarthComm, SolCTA Astrogation Database, and T-Com (allowing off-world nearly real-time communications via the Guild). Keyed to DNA of user (Note Metatide’s is not).

Utility Belt
Contains a built-in signal booster and back-up memory for the ring. (NOTE: Metatide’s belt is breakaway should she wear it with black light camouflage system programmable by her via the ring); all belts can also provide data and transmission support for other team member’s rings. Stores the following:

Standard Medkit
This is an emergency medpack containing bandages, etc; including:
Quickheal Hypospray (Simplified Healing 2d6 (Extra Time – 1 Turn), Requires a Paramedics Roll, 3 Charges
Stimulant Hypospray (Aid 3d6 to Stun and End, lose 5 on post-12 if over max), Side Effect (Cumulative -1 Skill Penalty per use, dropping off once per post 12), 3 Charges
Universal Antiagapic Hypospray (Minor Transform 8d8 – sick to well.) 2 Charges
Morpha Pain Reliever Hypospray (Minor Transform 8d8 – painful to numb – loses 5 effect each hour) Same side effect as Stimulant – 2 Charges

Hand TriScanner/Netcomp
Specialized portable scanner (about size of an iPhone). Detect Electromagnetic Radiation, or Detect Physical Objects, or Detect Life Signs (short range medical),Discriminatory with Analysis (requires minimum on 1 turn). Requires System Operations Roll. Detect 14-. Doubles as a microcomputer with gesture based GUI.

Particle Projection Gun (PPG) – optional
This is a standard light police sidearm. 8d6 Autofire 2x / 5d6 NND Stun (defense is being in vacuum, water, a magnetic field, or a metal casing/conductive surface, or having an ED Force Field); with 24 Charges. +1 OCV (Laser designator)

Card Wallet
Contains NeoYork Multipass to use all public transportation and facilities as well as the Genesis Earth Alliance Identicard (Eribos, Oriana and Miho, not having secret identities can use their own, updated with Genesis info and permissions.

One thought on “Standard Equipment”

  1. For Metatide
    Two earring listening devices. Each is equiped with a gravmagnet which after being activated seals to any surface on contact. Can either record, record with a burst transmission, or continually transmit. The last two can potentially be detected. Their data is fed to the ring or headset via the personal NetComp.

    (GM Note: I’ll write up the exact stats of the devices. They are not amazing, just functional tools. Hence they don’t at this time cost XP. I would however recommend buying systems operation (computers) for using these. )

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