The Inner Sphere Worlds

Outside of the 10 billion of the Sol System, billions more colonists of humanity live in the Inner Sphere, those worlds within 10 parsecs of Earth. Below is a summary of some of those worlds. The Inner Sphere is divided into eight sectors, each with a set of Stargate Transfer Points in the center of each.

Aurora Sector
Aurora (4) – Spacer World. Leader manufacturer of androids as well as agricultural products. De facto leader of the Coalition of Free Worlds.
Asperta (3) – Earth Alliance. Successful trading world.
Thalassa (8) – Independent world in free association with the Earth Alliance. One of the few successful pre-warp colonies. Ocean world.
Florina (10) – Earth Alliance. Secondary colony of Sark. Known for its cloth industry, its silk in particular.

Bellepheron Sector
Haven (8) – Earth Alliance. Highly successful colony. It is quasi-independent from the EA due to it’s age and the part it plays in Human Sphere trade. Offers the prime stargate to the Spacer worlds, Tannhauser Gate.
Solaria (10) – Spacer World. Agricultural world and isolationist to non-Spacers.
Baronn (11) – Earth Alliance. Former corporate colony/mining world.

Centaurus Sector
Alpha Centauri (1) – Earth Alliance. Vacation and trading world.
Bonde (6) – Earth Alliance. Agricultural world.

Demeter Sector
Cil (11) – Spacer World. Trading world and one of the gateways to the Spinward Marches.

Euphrates Sector
Cinna (6) – Earth Alliance. Terraformed ocean world. Good vacation spot.

Ficus Sector
Daribow (6) – Earth Alliance. Mining world undergoing terraforming. Has a strong militia.

Gilgamesh Sector
Disus (12) Spacer World. Very free-spirited world dedicated to hedonism as a political and social philosophy. Easy to do, due to the vast numbers of androids doing all the work.

Hellespont Sector
Euterpe (10) – Spacer World. It is a popular tourist destination for the Spacers, because of its exceptionally large rainforests.
Melpomenia (9) – Spacer world. Seat of the Coalition’s government offices (Aurora is the current holder of the rotating presidency). Industrial centers with vast agricultural fields.

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