Adventure Log: Session the Eighth

The group, having spent the past two years near Carn, sets out. 

But in that past two years, each pursued goals as they could, in service to the lord of Carn, Sir Kanderus. Rowe seemed to change in that time, and never stopped trying to find a way to help Bronwyn. Lucan made new friends.

Now Rowe, convinced Vinneas had something to do with the death of King Tertius, sets out with the team. Zayne, Lelu, and Onu did research. They confirmed the death of the Tertius in Vhaillon. There are sightings of the White Witch. We discover that Enoere, homeland of Fae, has fallen to civil war. This affects Lucan and Kestra.

At a day’s ride out, we stay at an inn. Kestra goes in to town ahead to scout the situation there. Naya asks for Zayne’s help to find Valarius. The price is high – her first memory of him. Naya sees Valarius imprisoned and tortured until he passes out by one of Naya’s brother’s men.

Syreelia visits Rowe and looks at the bloostone, intrigued. She then goes to talk with Zayne.

Meanwhile, Kestra made it into Lyeum. There a shadowy figure approached her with a pact, a deal that might bring her power. Lelu and Onu lose track of Kestra after she makes it into the city. They report this in the morning to Lucan.

We arrived to discover Kestra was found unconscious by the guards and taken to recover. Rowe found, to his great chagrin, that Bronwyn was no longer in Lyeum. He prepares to leave. This time, he is determined to go only where the Hand of Fate tells him Bronwyn is. First, we collect a confused Kestra.

Naya thinks she sees Valarius. We aren’t positive, though, and we proceed away from Lyeum.

Suulwyn begins to have doubts as to whether Rowe is doing the right thing by ignoring all else and going after Bronwyn.

Rowe stops outside town and tells his friends of Bronwyn’s importance — she is a wielder and the true heir to Arcasia. He asks that if anyone wants to go back to Lyeum, they do so now. No one does.

We encountered a town besieged by an apparently mercenary force. Rowe decides that since they are in the way, they will seek to help them. The team arrives and Rowe tells him he is Rowe, son of Sir Kanderus and is here to help. They cheer. The team helps them buy time for the families to get away.

During the battle, the team encounters an extremely tough Drakith. The dragon-man makes for Suulwyn, who is killing many men, and Rowe foresees Kestra’s messy demise if she engages him. He orders her to prepare for the next wave, and gathers the team to attack the enemy champion as one. His eyes change to swirls of color and depth, with stars as he predicts her fate should she engage this enemy. He orders her to prepare for the next wave. The rest of the team focuses on the drakith champion and defeats him. The White Witch arrives, Kestra shoots her and she scream. Rowe realizes his conviction that the White Witch is actually Bronwyn is correct, and he scream out “Don’t shoot her!” 

But it is soon over. With his order not to hurt her, Bronwyn retrieves a Card from the village head man and leaves with the remainder of her forces. Rowe is devastated because she didn’t recognize them. 

They are left to try to figure out what to do next. 

Session XP: 2000

Prologue: A young man with spikey hair and froested tips. He has silver, swirling eyes.

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