Shadows & Symbols 1

March 10, 2911 – The morning before the confrontation with Dr. Cyrus’ conspiracy.

Just as Eribos was thinking of slipping away in a nap as he thought of these things, movement caught the edge of his vision. Shadows along the wall, just out of sight…

It was exhaustion, hallucination,or a clarity that he had fought off for some time. Erebos turned to the shadows, knowing that they were more than that, knowing that al the nightmares of childhood were real and contained there, as well as the greatest mysteries the word has ever known.

Darkness was the first mystery, the deepest, and for him it was comfort. He found a calm in the dark, always had, away from the constant restraints the world put on them.

He sighed as he thought of his parents.

“I know that we are connected, and you are more than shadow, more than darkness, you are primal, and I am part of that now. I don’t really care as to how or why, but help me learn so I can keep from harming you out of stupidity.” His voice was smooth and low as he spoke, reaching out his hand to the moving shapes in the dark.

As his hand seemingly caught a wispy shadow, it took on form, substance. Not quite the shadow wraith that he had seen from earlier in the day, nor even what could be called humanoid at all. Something utterly alien and insubstantial, but to Eribos eerily familiar. The shape spoke in Eribos’ mind words he did not understand but instead felt instinctively.

We are the between. that which is neither entropy nor energy, yet is both. we are of seeming chaos but in truth order. Through us, all is connected. we are now balanced with the chaos of light; at peace for ages; echos of lost thought and dreams. shadows and symbols of existence now gone, but not forever.

Eribos watched the shadow take shape, a tiny part touching his fingertips. As the thoughts formed in his head he thought back to all the languages his father spoke, and while he could not understand the words he knew what was being said by the actions.

This was unlike thise times, there was no actions, yet like with Xel an undeniable feeling of understanding.

“That is deep.” he said as he leaned back in his chair contemplating what had been said. “Now in English.”

No sound entered the room. Just like before the thoughts entered his mind…

Language. The transmission of sound through a medium. Communication.
Call one and it shall be the voice of the many.

“So there are a lot of you but right now I can only call upon one of you. Okay, so what are you?” He asked as he tried to get past the cryptonics.

As it spoke, the room made whispered sound echoing it’s words.

The ones you’ve seen are but a sliver of our existence. We are what we have always been. We serve one side of the balance, for the balance. You bear the essence of that pact made long before your kind first drew breath. Your twin holds the other side. It has been aeons since the last time this occured.

Okay, he thought. “Understood, what does it mean. Other than we are balance.”

It’s form grew slightly more solid and faded again taking on a slightly more humanoid shape. If a shadow could look confused, this one was.
You were not chosen? You do not know the ancient pact? This is unfortunate.

It paused and then continued, Then there is much for you to learn. You should begin slowly. You should begin by understanding the balance, for long ago this balance was struck between the followers of chaos and order who rejected their entropy and chose life. They were many races and held many names now dust. They shackled their masters in chains of darkness and light and through balance did great things. But not all of the followers abandoned their masters. With their help, some of the lesser masters escaped, some changed their ways; and still powerful others slumber waiting for their time when none of the chosen of the balance remain, a time which it is felt has long occurred. For without balance, they stir in their dreams and worlds die. They will someday again walk the stars like giants, and stars will bow to their power.

The power you wield is the dark energy that permeates the universe, born of the primordial chaos and controlled by people like my own long ago. Your mortal body can now channel this energy, forcing light to fade from your presence and using the darkness to do great things.

And a small amount of energy can bring forth wraiths of memory. Shells of essence once mortal, now memory and primal chaos wreathed in shadow. They will help you, though beware of their primal desires to wreak chaos should you lose balance and control over them. As you grow, they will grow.

As Eribos started to speak up again, a knock came on the door and the shadows became just that…shadow. Eribos said, “Yes?” Oriana peeked her head in, “Crusader wants us to meet and discuss the plan. Ready? Were you talking to someone?”

“Just the shadows,” he replied. Only later that day would he speak to them again, learning in small bits the mystery of his power and by extension, that of his sister.

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