Fifth Batch of Questions

Which others supers have you worked with, if any?  Are there any you wish you could?  A.J. – Mahdras

I wouldn’t mind meeting some. That probably answers both your questions, really. Other than Genesis team members, I haven’t worked directly with any other meta-powered person.

How did you get your power?  If it wasn’t a mutation, what caused it?  H.L. – Nairobi

That’s… a painful memory for me. I’m sorry, but I’d really rather not get into the details. Let it suffice to say that I was not born with my abilities. That narrows things down to “accident”, and that’s about where I’d like to leave it.

You can be come anyone?  So what did you choose to be on the side of justice?  Why not the military, special intelligence, or even worst case, a villain?  R.F. – Portland

Yes, anyone. Even other mutants, I suppose, though I’d rather not cross that line if I don’t have to.

I chose to do what I’m doing now because I care about people. I care what happens to them. I could be a nameless, anonymous face in the crowd of humanity. And for a long time, I did just that. I had a job, I worked for a living, lived my life like everyone else. While I have a deep appreciation and respect for law enforcement officers and soldiers who’ve defended our liberty, since Crusader came into my life I just feel that I can do more this way.

Are their any off-worlders or Spacers in your team? A.A. – NeoYork

Yes, there are. As mentioned in a previous series of posts, for instance, we do have a Grey who is a physician for the team. There are others who may be Spacers or off-worlders, too, but they are no less dedicated to our cause than is Crusader or myself. I leave it to them to reveal their origins, should they feel the need to do so.

When are you planning on making an official announcement of the team?  I’m heard rumors about an upcoming NY mayor meeting, but nothing beyond that.  There is wild speculation and no one really seems to fully understand what you are about.  T.H. – NeoYork

Yes, I know. I’m hoping that by fielding questions like these I can help with some of that. But for the official announcements or anything similar like that, we all must be patient and wait until Crusader is ready.

What color/style will your new uniforms be in?  I’d be honored to try my hand with them  T.G. – NeoYork

That I don’t know. We haven’t discussed this yet as a team. But, if you wanted try your hand with some designs and send them in to us, feel free. I can’t promise anything but that we will look at them. Nevertheless, whether we pick a design you submitted or not, we do appreciate the help.

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