Fourth Batch of Questions

Hey great job on the whole Cyrus thing. Any hope you’ll catch him? T.R. – Ithaca

I think we should all hope we catch him. We live in a mechanized world; a man capable of controlling machines with his mind, and who has proven himself selfish and destructive, is capable of anything.

My 5th grade class is doing reports on our heroes and you are mine! Can I meet you for an interview or if you can’t do that do you have a press person or official spokesperson I can write? L.B. – NeoYork

I would love to meet with you! But please ask and make sure it is okay with your parents, or your teacher if you would like me to appear at your class. We can work on a time.

For any of you out there who would like to meet us, I would ask for your understanding if circumstances calls me, or anyone on my team, away from the appointment. As we at Genesis must make the the security and safety of the world top priority, so must we also ask the understanding of anyone who would like to meet with us. With that said, nothing would make me happier than to meet people just like LB. It’s for you we are working so hard.

Would you consider an alien, maybe even a Grey on the team? Z.Q. – Tallinn

Of course. In fact, a Grey already assists us in the position of physician, taking care of our injuries and seeing to our health. Earth is your world, too, and we appreciate any help we can get.

How tall can you get? Is there a limit? Can you shrink too? G.R. – Smolensk

I don’t shrink. As for how tall, well, that’s more complicated to answer than you might think at first. As I grow, I usually also become incredibly dense. It helps support my larger size and also protects me as I become a much bigger, easier target. On a planet, that increases my weight exponentially and that can be very destructive. I prefer not to use my powers of growth at all in order to minimize risk to others and damage to the environment. If I feel I must have the extra strength and personal power I gain by growing, I will do so, provided there is room.  I’d estimate this size to be about two stories. I can achieve any size between my normal height and that practical maximum, probably due to my shapeshifting abilities.

What happened to all the mutants at the Harlem Police Annex? Do you think they’ll be caught? U.T. – Stockholm

This, I simply don’t know.

Do you guys get paid? I went to the career center and couldn’t find a listing for super-powered freelance law enforcement. I mean, how can you live, just the government stipend? E.C. – Lima

I don’t receive any money from a government stipend. Nor do I receive a salary from any corporate sponsor, either. And to be perfectly frank, I was not well-off before joining Genesis. I’d say roughly middle class was my income level. Of course, my current occupation prevents me from being able to take another job.

Instead, members of the Genesis team are working with people who believe in our mission to create something called the NeoGenesis Foundation. Because it’s a Foundation, it’s non-profit and run by a board. This board is meant to include interested people from a cross-section of different people. These people have already been approached and the board is now formed, as far as I’m aware. We are very cautious because Genesis does not want to be overly influenced by any one specific group. Of course, I’m referring primarily to corporate or governmental influence.

That said, we can’t ignore them — these groups are made of people, too. We are simply being cautious and are attempting to be very fair with and for everyone.

With the Foundation behind us, Genesis is beginning to find a home for its members. They are doing a marvelous job keeping us fed and equipped. I imagine the topic of expense accounts, stipends or even salaries will be broached soon, as I know that as human beings, we all also sometimes need some down time. A nice dinner out or even a vacation at some point down the road will be important to keep up morale and keep us in top shape to do our jobs! That means we’ll need to figure something out for income.

4 thoughts on “Fourth Batch of Questions”

  1. Thanks! Say, how much should I be setting aside for contacts with Blur and with Trista Adams? Let me know what t buy them as, and I’ll get them. And I’ll likely use them as much as I can. 🙂

  2. Which others supers have you worked with, if any? Are there any you wish you could? A.J. – Mahdras

    How did you get your power? If it wasn’t a mutation, what caused it? H.L. – Nairobi

    You can be come anyone? So what did you choose to be on the side of justice? Why not the military, special intelligence, or even worst case, a villain? R.F. – Portland

    Are their any off-worlders or Spacers in your team? A.A. – NeoYork

    When are you planning on making an official announcement of the team? I’m heard rumors about an upcoming NY mayor meeting, but nothing beyond that. There is wild speculation and no one really seems to fully understand what you are about. T.H. – NeoYork

    What color/style will your new uniforms be in? I’d be honored to try my hand with them T.G. – NeoYork

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