Follow-up on New Brunswick Break-in

March 24, 2911

Fr: Marius
To: Crusader
Re: Break-in at Vance Facility in New Brunswick

I’m afraid to tell you this, but it is certain that someone or something is tracking one of more members of Genesis through methods so far unknown. After consulting with Proximus and members of the Shackleton Station and New Brunswick station staffs, it has been determined that a team of 5-6 persons, human it is believed, and of unknown origin may have been following the movements of Genesis members. Possibly Proximus in particular; however, it is impossible to tell at this time or to prove the three incidents are related; though the m.o. of the latter two incidents are identical. We are checking if similar incidents occurred at the starting points for the rest of the team before they arrived at Shackleton. So far, nothing to report on that as all those locations are outsystem.

Only one person has been identified so far from the first incident. A human female. Approximately 1.75 meters in height. Golden tanned skin with silver hair. Voice print identification from Proximus Research Station records match no known felons or public figures.

Note that all three incidents could be unrelated, especially the first incident and the last two; however, Vance Industries staff working in concert with CTA authorities have noted certain magnetic resonance traces which are similar. Be on guard for this threat. So far, no violent action has occurred and their purpose in unknown.


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