Breaking News – Lansing Exec Charged!

Dr. Hannibal Randolph Cyrus (112), a board member of Lansing for over 50 years has been charged in absentia with conspiracy to create artificial life for the purpose of planetary control. Dr. Cyrus’s alleged experiments in True-AI were seemingly to create an immortal and nigh-invulnerable artifical lifeform capable of holding the transferred memories of his life as well as his actual persona. Dr. Cyrus, unknown to Lansing or the medical community, is a mutant with a power of mechanical telepathy. He can ‘speak’, unaided to machines and to a degree control machine thought and by extension human thought and perceptions as well. His new body and mind are thought to have allowed him to do this on a scale dangerous to EarthGov and the freedom of the planetary community. Since Dr. Cyrus’s past medical records do not show any mutations due to birth or other natural causes, current suspicion is toward his participation in illegal genetic sequencing as well; such as what occured before the Archeron Incident in which he was a major participant.

Lansing spokespersons have indicated that Dr. Cyrus, despite his falling out with the board over several scandals, took advantage of those loyal to him over the years to secretly create this program, which was discovered only in its late stages by former Lansing employees, who, working with Genesis, exposed the plans yesterday at Lansing’s Long Island Skyhook #2 cargo elevator, which had been shut down last fall for extensive rennovation. LansingCorp has promised full cooperation and has officially repudiated the actions of Dr. Cyrus as a ‘rogue’ element.

Genesis spokesperson Metatide reported that all the Lansing conspirators have been captured, as well as a mercenary team hired by Cyrus. Dr. Cyrus himself is currently on the loose and is being pursued in all dilligence by EarthGov security police, Guild agents, CTA officials and Genesis itself. Reports indicate that several off-world mutant and non-mutant mercenaries fought on both sides of the conspiracy as well. Names and other details on these participants are being withheld pending law enforcement investigations.

7 thoughts on “Breaking News – Lansing Exec Charged!”

  1. Every time people mess with True-AI they get this kind of situation. The fact that a LansingCorp guy is involoved is no surprise of course. J.S. – Charlotte

  2. Shouldn’t he have retired to a VR SecondLife by now? If this guy is Lansing, he can afford to live a REAL second life, it’s called – retirement! Now he’ll spend it on Terminus. O.E. – Auckland

  3. Okay, I know everyone is jumping on the Genesis band wagon, but do they have any official status? Who are they really? T.F. NeoYork

  4. I’m glad they stopped it. I mean, give the SP’s all the credit you can, they certainly didn’t see this coming. S.W. – Philadelphia

  5. News Update 03.12.11

    LansingCorp reports that an explosion at a remote research facility in the Seattle area reported 48 hours ago was in fact a break out by an automaton created by Dr. Cyrus. It’s wereabouts are unknown, though Seattle and Portland SP officers are combing the wilderness area for it. Lansing confirms that this facility was under the auspices of Dr. Cyrus, and we have confirmation that one of the suspected collaborators of Dr. Cyrus has also confirmed that this was part of all fall-back plan Cyrus has set-up before his AI plan went into fruition.

  6. News Update – 03.24.11

    SP Officers and CTA Agents raided a storage facility in remote northern Canada suspected on import/export violations linked to Dr. Cyrus. The agents found the remnants of the construction of several biomechanical engineering pieces, destroyed; plus evidence of recent, hurried evacuation of personel and equipment within 48 hours. Law enforcement officials are linking in to Earth traffic scans and transponder codes for evidence of vehicles in the area.

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