Villains – Session 8

The following listed the priciples involved in Dr. Cyrus’ Conspiracy to create an immortal, indestructable body for himself with potential to control all machines on the planet.

Psyon Dr. Hannibal Randolph Cyrus
One of the former board members of Lansing, recently pushed out of day-to-day operations due to his involvement in illegal experiments on Archeron before the revolution as well as numerous other shady dealings. Under the shadowname Psyon recruted others in his bid for immortality and domination. Potentially an unregistered telepath or mutant with mechanical telepathic abilities. Genesis’ actions exposed his dealings to the world and revealed at least a dozen Lansing employees and several dozen robots working to accomplish his agenda. All were apprehended by SP’s working with Xterrran. Lansing now has a PR issue of momentous proportions to overcome and Psyon’s plans have been foiled. He managed to avoid CTA and SP security at his skyhook and his location is unknown; hunted by SP, CTA, Guild, Lansing, Genesis and more. mechanical telepathy, image manipulation, psycho-holography, electrochemical mind control

Ravage Identity Unknown
A freelance mutant with the ability to transform into a large wolf-human hybrid. Wanted offword for several Syndicate-related enforcement crimes; particularily in the Mars Underground. Before the SP Forensics building incident, last seen operating in the Paris Downunder as an enforcer. Possibly under the influence of Psyon.Cutting claws, Super Strength, Super Speed, Resiliance.

Blur Sussa McRenolds
A freelance mutant thief from Australia. Known corporate raider for the last 6 months when first captured by SP officials after a botched shadowrun. Was possibly under the influence of Psyon Hyperspeed, Molecular Shifting

Flare Taisha Umbeki
Mutant from Cairo-Memphis. Wanted for unauthorized use of mutant abilities to destroy property, arson, and assault. Known contacts in the corporate shadow world and has performed duties as an enforcer. Was potentially controlled by Psyon. Energy Blast, Heat Shield, Limited Flight.

Bion Identity Unknown
A biomechanical construct. Immensely strong and resiliant. Seemed controlled remotely, possibly by Psyon himself. Blasted through the skyhook and was tracked crashing into the North Atlantic. Super Strength, Flight, Cloaking, Resiliance, Electroblast Generation.

Mercenaries Identities Unknown
These mercs were freelance enforcers hired by, and then controlled by Psyon. 12 of 12 CAPTURED

Psyon’s Allies Lansing Employees
These co-cospirators were rapidly located and arrested by Lansing security, Xterran, and the Seattle Security Police. One of the highest ranking ones, Terrance McWilliams, has offered himself up to testifying to Genesis and the SP’s what happened in exchange for evidence against the others and against Dr. Cyrus.
14 of 14 CAPTURED

Unidentified Red Crystal Entity Identity Unknown
Only seen by Dr. Hedgehog. Took out Metatide and possibly absconded with or helped Bion escape. No other information available.

Dr. Hedgehog, Dr. Lao, Dr. Adams
The remaining original anti-Lansing conspirators seemed to have fled from Genesis and the SP’s. Lansing’s charges against them and their violent actions still stand; as while they were correct, they should have gone to authorities instead of waging a war on their own and on top of that attempting extortion of Lansing.

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  1. Villain Update

    Blur sent a note discreetly to Genesis via Vance Corporation. “FYI, Bion was a highly complex automaton with override by our employer, now known as Dr. Cyrus, using biomechanical parts and a non-TrueAI positronica brain of Spacer manufacture. Concerning Cyrus, we didn’t have his name at the time, but were hired though a fixer. Also, we did recieve a signal concerning the whereabouts of your team and you were tracked by a freelance bounty hunter who acted on that signal. I wasn’t involved in that mission, so I don’t know his or her name, just that they were off world and connected to teh Syndicate; though I don’t believe the Syndicate was involoved directly. Surge hates ‘heroes’ and is willing to kill so he wa chosen for that; plus Blight was not one of us, but an ‘associate’ of our employer.”

    “I know this doens’t make us even, but I don’t like to owe debts. The others feel the same way.”


    GM Note: Blur is a mercenary and could be bought as a contact within the criminal underworld should someone choose to pursue it.

  2. OOC: Oh, heck yes! Metatide needs contacts to improve her effectiveness as infiltrator and information gatherer.

    After hearing the message, Metatide responds in kind, hoping the Vance channel can get her message back to Blur. She asks Marius, as the go-to man, to assign an additional number that will be forwarded to her coms, one that would be very difficult to trace and that could be secured. She’s up front about it with Marius; she wants to use the come when making contact with informants in the criminal underworld. That way he understands how important it is that it be secure.

    I know we haven’t met yet, not really, but I respect what you are trying to do, Blur. I want you to know that this channel is open, through me, if information like this comes your way and you wouldn’t mind sending it to Genesis. We understand that you and your team were manipulated and cruelly controlled — mercenary or not, slavery is no way to treat a fellow human being. You already know that’s why Crusader didn’t press the issue with your people.

    If you come across information like this that you think is more important than whatever minor things might have occurred between your team and mine, please do not hesitate to contact me via this coded com. Use “Bion” as a code word. I can’t promise we’ll always be on the same side. Probably we won’t be. But I can promise you this — we will employ the utmost discretion whenever you might choose to come to us with information.

    I would welcome a personal meeting, if you are willing. You don’t know me, but I assure you that my powers can guarantee discretion should you take me up on this offer. No one will know if or when you choose to contact Genesis. You have my word that I would never take advantage of your trust. I’m extending you mine.


  3. GM Note: I will get you the point total for Blur as a contact this weekend. If there are any other contacts PC’s are interested in that have so far been introduced, please let me know and I’ll get those totals as well.

  4. Blur and Trista Adams for sure at the moment for Metatide.

    Oh! One more. There was a contact Adams and Lao had inside Lansing. I’ll buy that one, too. Forget the person’s name, though. Was it something like Meredith?

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