Current Genesis Staff

April ValentineCFO
Ms. Valentine is a young woman of considerable financial and management talents. She is trusted implicitly by Crusader. Her duties so far include managing the money given by the Genesis Trust and running the day-to-day operations of the base.

MariusLiason to the Trust and Mr. Vance
While not living on base (nor technically staff), Marius is the go-to-guy for legal issues, event ‘clean-up’, advice, and acquiring things that cannot be easily bought. He can be found on-base generally during the day and is available as a team ‘supers’ advisor.

Dr. ZPhysician
Team doctor. He makes sure the team is healthy, fit, and is always ready to deal with wounds and other damage from combat.

Lieutennant Rebecca “Jinx” BrittLead Pilot
Lt. Britt is the primary test pilot of the VanceCorp Tempest-class Warp Transport. She has been on loan by EarthForce to test the ship and at Vance’s request has been assigned to pilot their ship. What EarthForce thinks of this is unknown. She is working with Valentine to recruit 2-3 additional pilots and plans to build Metatide’s and Proximus’s familiarity with the ship.

Gerard N. Hammer Head of Security
Recommended by Vance to run security. He is a freelance security specialist with over 25 years experience, including consulting, corporate work, a stint in the Colonial Marines with actual combat experience. Has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and ran his own security firm; closing it down to help Vance with Genesis.

3 thoughts on “Current Genesis Staff”

  1. Dear Genesis Members and Staff,

    My name is April Marie Valentine. Crusader has asked me to run the business side of the NeoGenesis initiative, including working with the Trust and the Genesis Team itself in the day-to-day operations of the base and team finances. I have met with Mr. Vance and Marius and have their full confidence. If you have any financial need or require specific assistance, I will be available to assist you to the best of my ability. I will be working with Ms. Sakura and Marius in finding good staff choices based on the recommendations the team makes considering what positions they have need of. I look forward to working with you.

    A.M. Valentine, CIO, MBA, CPA

  2. Team,

    Mr. Vance has asked me to stay on as adviser to Genesis concerning the law, supers matters, and dealing with the aftermath of the inevitable super-human conflict that will occur in any fight between titans. If you need help in any of those matters, do not hesitate to ask. Unlike Ms. Valentine, I will not be staying at the base. I am, however, working with Ms. Sakura and Crusader in developing a secure base for your use.


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