Third Batch of Questions


Are you going to stay Earth-based or like the old Citadel of my father’s day be offworld most of the time? H.R. – Paris

We have no plans to move our base from Earth. On a personal level, this is my home and the only home I’ve ever known. If we have to leave, it will be because we had to pursue something or someone in order to defend our home.

What is your opinion of the whole ‘Guild for Mutants’ idea floating around the government from time to time? You know, the registration thing? O.O. – NeoYork

My opinion — and this is my own opinion, not that of Genesis — is that I’m not for it. I’m not completely set against it, but in order to convince me this would be a good thing I would need some kind of assurance or guarantee that mutants would not suffer any more discrimination, official or otherwise, than any other social group on Earth.

Are you going to be inviting the few and far-between other super heroes that work around Earth to join? N.M. – Baghdad

We haven’t yet considered that. So far none have asked to be a part of what we have created, but that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. I don’t foresee us soliciting heroes to join us, but then that’s a decision for Crusader to make. I can’t speak for him here, as he hasn’t made a statement about that one way or the other.

N.M. had a good question, but an even better one is: Are you going to have try-outs? P.M. – Rome

I hope not. But again, that’s not my decision. 

The reason I hope not is that the idea of try-outs seems to indicate some required level of proficiency in something. Membership in Genesis is certainly not meant to be some kind of elite group for any type of individual, mutant or not. We are together because we found we complement each other. We hope to stand as a symbol that will inspire this world, and perhaps beyond. It’s my personal belief that it’s not the power you wield, but the good in your heart that makes you a hero. That means we all can be heroes together. We can all watch out for each other.

Is Crusader the REAL Crusader from the early 21st Century? You know, like how the so-called hero ‘Spider’ was frozen in time or the lightspeed accident that brought Europe their famous crimefighter, The Blitz? T.F. – NeoYork

I don’t know of any special circumstance surrounding where he came from. Is Crusader real? Definitely. He definitely does all the things the papers have so far said he can do. In my mind, it doesn’t matter one bit whether he is from the 21st century or not. For all of us here and now, he *is* Crusader.

Wasn’t the original Crusader’s enemy a guy named Dr. Destroyer? Will Earth have to deal with such a guy again now that ‘Crusader’ is back? J.S. – San Angelas

I hope not. Enemies like that are really just criminals who hold a grudge when they are stopped. In that respect, I suspect that every member of Genesis has an enemy like that. But think of it this way — if maniacs like that didn’t have people like us to vent their ire upon, they would hatch their plots against the people of Earth for their own advancement. If it keeps people safe, then I say let the nemesis come! I would willingly be the target of these people if it means others will be safe. It’s why I do what I do. Because I have these powers, this is the responsibility I’ve chosen to accept.

I’ve heard the Confederation has a major super named Cerisyn that tore up and EarthForce destroyer a year or so ago. That Syndarri uses a forceshield akin to what Crusader does? Will they fight someday? Are you guys going to take on Syndarri aggression? R.E. – Mexico City

I don’t know of this Cerisyn; that’s news to me. But it doesn’t matter to me. Genesis is against any being that would threaten our home, our friends, our family — the people of this world. That said, Earth is my home. I will do as Genesis requires of me, but my first priority is to protect this world, not run off and fight a foreign war.

3 thoughts on “Third Batch of Questions”

  1. Hey great job on the whole Cyrus thing. Any hope you’ll catch him? T.R. – Ithaca

    My 5th grade class is doing reports on our heroes and you are mine! Can I meet you for an interview or if you can’t do that do you have a press person or official spokesperson I can write? L.B. – NeoYork

    Why haven’t other super teams outside the military worked out? I mean, the Citadel, Force 7, Crimson; they all came and went over the years and collapsed due to internal tensions. What makes you guys different? S.D. – St. Louis

    Would you consider an alien, maybe even a Grey on the team? Z.Q. – Tallinn

    How tall can you get? Is there a limit? Can you shrink too? G.R. – Smolensk

    What happened to all the mutants at the Harlem Police Annex? Do you think they’ll be caught? U.T. – Stockholm

    Do you guys get paid? I went to the career center and couldn’t find a listing for super-powered freelance law enforcement. I mean, how can you live, just the government stipend? E.C. – Lima

  2. Hey S.D., I can help answer that. Citadel collapsed due to many of it’s members quitting after the wake of the Shard Incident 15 years ago. There is only so much death anyone can accept, and many of them were killed when one of their own turned evil. Force 7 was over 30 years ago and while they had good aims, they simply couldn’t get past personality conflicts and conflicts over government and corporate sponsorship. Crimson was even earlier than that and they broke up after a short career due to each member having different long term goals. What I’d be interested in seeing is how Genesis hopes to counter 1) Long-term goals, 2) Government and Corporate influence, and 3) Dealing with adversity. M.T. NeoYork

  3. Its sounds like your team has made a great start. I look forward to meeting with you and the others in the near future should my travels take me closer to Earth. Until then, keep doing what you are doing. Q – currently at the Euphrates Gate.

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