Spinner Accident on Luna

Found in the Lake Armstrong Gazette newsfeed

Sela Kasir (41), a PR Exec at Numina Marketing here in Lake Armstrong City was pronounced dead today after a tragic accident wherein his car’s complock system failed to re-engage the roadway and threw the vehicle through the barrier into oncoming traffic. Initial forensic evidence indicated the Mr. Kasir engaged the override and was driving manually before the accident, but seeing trouble failed to engage the auto complock in time. Mr. Kasir, originally of Archeron, has no family and his will indicated that no services be held.

4 thoughts on “Spinner Accident on Luna”

  1. I was on the highway bypass and saw what happened. He was being chased, that’s for sure. His system didn’t fail, he simply wasn’t a good driver while being pursued. Probably some ‘Free Luna’ activists after him for fun and it turned out badly. K.L. – Armstrong

  2. Whoa there M.A., Free Luna didn’t do this. In fact, they aren’t really much of a threat anymore, more of a club of oddballs. Not terrorists or radicals with power. Free Mars on the other hand, much different. R.L. – Tycho City

  3. I am a proud member of Free Luna. We are a registered political organization. Sure we believe in secession or lacking that, greater representation in EarthGov. We are a peaceful movement. F.C. – New Berlin

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