Shackelton Station Hit Again!

Jihong Kim, staff reporter
Everyone seems to be following the news that Crusader and his team have been spotted in the NeoYork area, stopping robots and foiling crimes. That’s great, and I applaud their inspiring actions. But lost in the news about these attacks, colonization news, raids on the fronteer and the weather was a little noticed story. A short paragraph interecepted just yesterday by one of the newswires:

EarthForce Security, this is Shackelton Station Alpha. We’ve had an internal breech of our computer system. Please advise.

Obviously this wasn’t supposed to be in the clear, but it was. No one noticed, no blog carried it, no news organization seemed to care. We do. The security of one of the primary outsystem stargates is paramount and should be investigated. Who did the break in? If it was internal, who bypassed security? Was it an inside job or did the raiders come back using teleportation tech to breech the system? Unless we hear of an investigation, it will be hard to know. So, please EarthGov, please protect our stargates.

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