Second Batch of Questions


There were a lot of good questions in the comments area of the my first mass-answer response, so I thought it merited a new page of its own.

Do you guys have your own starship? If so, is it warp capable? U.H. – Karachi

No. For long-range transportation in space we rely on the same means of transportation as everyone else does. However, this doesn’t prove to be a problem for the team for in-system response, thanks to Proximus’ considerable abilities. 

Eribos is drop dead handsome, so is his sister Oriana. Are they seeing anyone? T.M. – Melbourne

Again, I can’t comment on my teammates personal lives. Remember I’m speaking for myself here and we all need to respect the privacy of my teammates. 

Can you give us a brief idea of everyone’s powers. I mean, I don’t need all the secrets, but perhaps a quick review. D.E. – Mumbai

Sure! Erabos is master of shadow and his sister is master of light. Proximus is able to manipulate cosmic energy. Crusader is unique — an incredible martial artist, tough as nails and handy with that shield. He is an amazing man! And he seems to do it without powers that I know of.

And of course, you know me. 🙂

How fast can Proximus fly? S.M – Madrid

Good question! I don’t know that anyone really knows. It’s fast, though. Really fast.

Is everyone on tht team a mutant or can non-mutants help in some way? N.D. – Tangiers

This is a trickier question than I thought at first. Short answer; no. Not everyone on the team is a mutant. In fact, as far as I know, not a single person on our team was actually born with a mutation of some kind. Instead, many of us are what you might call “mutates” instead, with a couple exceptions such as Crusader, whom I believe to be simply a very highly trained human.

I can’t talk about what caused us to develop our abilities. In the case of my teammates, it’s out of respect for their privacy. In many cases, I simply don’t know. As for myself, it’s a particularly painful topic that I prefer not to discuss.

But yes, you can help. The aim of Genesis is not to be your big brother or sister and protect the planet. We are doing what we can in hopes that others, just like you, will be inspired and use powers we all have to make the world a better place. Kindness, care, protecting each other, are all things you can do. When people get together and help each other, it helps everyone — Genesis included.

What really happened at Shackelton? What can someone do to get an iterview with your team? Do you have an agent? J.K. – NeoYork

What happened at Shackelton. Hm. That might be a topic for an interview rather than a brief statement on a ‘net forum. The very short answer is that they were attacked by a group of well-equipped and ambitious raiders who had access to technology that is still being investigated. Suffice to say that the technology used was wrested from an unknown being and this being enslaved to act on behalf of a group of immoral, desperate, dangerous men. Although I was primarily engaged elsewhere at the time this being was rescued, what we discovered these men had done to it ranks among the worst things I’ve ever seen a human being do to another living creature, present or past. Genesis saved and released this being. Although there are barriers of understanding, suffice to say that this being remembers well our contribution in its rescue and can be considered a friend of Earth. Where it has gone now, I wouldn’t know, except that it has left for deep space.

As far as an interview with our team, we haven’t had time to set a formal structure yet. We need first to figure out income as none of us have the power to fill our own bellies. 🙂 We don’t have an agent, though I have been acting somewhat in that regard with Crusaders approval.

One thought on “Second Batch of Questions”

  1. Are you going to stay Earth-based or like the old Citadel of my father’s day be offworld most of the time? H.R. – Paris

    What is your opinion of the whole ‘Guild for Mutants’ idea floating around the government from time to time? You know, the registration thing? O.O. – NeoYork

    Are you going to be inviting the few and far-between other super heroes that work around Earth to join? N.M. – Baghdad

    N.M. had a good question, but an even better one is: Are you going to have try-outs? P.M. – Rome

    Is Crusader the REAL Crusader from the early 21st Century? You know, like how the so-called hero ‘Spider’ was frozen in time or the lightspeed accident that brought Europe their famous crimefighter, The Blitz? T.F. – NeoYork

    Wasn’t the original Crusader’s enemy a guy named Dr. Destroyer? Will Earth have to deal with such a guy again now that ‘Crusader’ is back? J.S. – San Angelas

    I’ve heard the Confederation has a major super named Cerisyn that tore up and EarthForce destroyer a year or so ago. That Syndarri uses a forceshield akin to what Crusader does? Will they fight someday? Are you guys going to take on Syndarri aggression? R.E. – Mexico City

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