First Batch of Questions

Metatide answers questions about the team and some personal questions put to her by fans and critics alike.

Who are the members of Genesis?

Crusader (team leader), Oriana, Eribos, Proximus and myself are the current official members. There are a couple others that are still working on identities and role in the team. When that information becomes publicly available, I’ll share it with you here.

Are you a mutant?


Are you wearing some kind of blue bodysuit?

No. I can control what I look like and that includes the appearance of clothing. I don’t wear actual clothes when I’m working because it would restrict me to a form that the clothes would fit. Usually I look like any other young woman. However, when dealing with powerful mutant criminals, I usually “wear my blank”. The blue form you see is just the simplest form I know. Using this form lets me concentrate more on my other abilities.

I saw you in the news and you were really tall/huge/big/etc. Are you a shapeshifter?

As you may have already figured out by my previous answer, yes. Technically the ability to change your size doesn’t necessarily mean you are a shapeshifter, but in my case, it’s true.

Is [insert name of Genesis team member] seeing anyone?

Sorry, but I can’t comment on my team member’s personal lives. They wouldn’t like it, and it’s really not anybody’s business but their own.

Are you seeing someone?

Okay, that I can answer. Not currently. My work schedule keeps me too busy right now.


Wow, lots of personal questions today! That’s okay, but let’s not forget what this is really all about: making the world a better, safer place for everyone to live. As always, feel free to comment and keep the questions coming!


3 thoughts on “First Batch of Questions”

  1. So who is the toughest villain you’ve had to fight so far? T.G. – Des Moines

    Are Eribos and Oriana related, they look vaguely similar? L.H. – Rio Dejenaro

    Is that the real StarShield that Crusader uses or a new model? R.H. – St. Petersburg

    Do you work for the government or a corporation? P.S. – Ottawa

    Your uniforms (not yours of course) look a bit haphazard, are they temporary or are you into the ‘grunge’ look? I’d really love it if you guys had that ‘classic’ look, you know. I.A. – Belgrade

    Are you all based in NeoYork, or are you thinking of somewhere else? L.L. – Geneva

  2. TG asks, “So who is the toughest villain you’ve had to fight so far?” That’s a good question. They are all very dangerous. But I think I would have to say the mysterious, armored (perhaps mechanical?) villain at whom I threw two spinners. I wouldn’t have done anything so drastic as that if he wasn’t serious trouble. He took all the punishment I dished out and kept coming. However, when next I meet him, I promise I have some new tricks to try!

    LH asks, “Are Eribos and Oriana related?” I don’t think that who they are is a secret. At least, they’ve never tried to keep it from the public. So I don’t think it hurts anything to admit that yes, they are siblings.

    RH asks, “Is that the real StarShield?” I honestly don’t know the answer to that. But whether it is or not, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s enough that he’s already been able to save my life and the life of every member of Genesis with it at least once in the short time we’ve been working together. Whatever it is, it works!

    PS asks, “Do you work for the government or a corporation?” Neither. We are supported by an independent foundation that is represented by a number of interests, all of whom have the security and safety of this world foremost in their minds. We work with the support and by the grace of the government. We are privileged and honored that law enforcement agencies have given us their respect and allowed us to help them protect the public.

    IA asks about our uniforms. Well, we really haven’t had time to devise a uniform, team look. If you have suggestions, though, we’d love to see them! You can send ideas and images of designs to the email drop. I’ll look at them and put your best ideas before Crusader. Who knows? Maybe your design will be the one that shapes the look of the world’s (currently) only super powered team of crime fighters!

    LL asks, “Are you all based in Neo York.” Yes.

  3. Do you guys have your own starship? If so, is it warp capable? U.H. – Karachi

    Eribos is drop dead handsome, so is his sister Oriana. Are they seeing anyone? T.M. – Melbourne

    Can you give us a brief idea of everyone’s powers. I mean, I don’t need all the secrets, but perhaps a quick review. D.E. – Mumbai

    How fast can Proximus fly? S.M – Madrid

    Is everyone on tht team a mutant or can non-mutants help in some way? N.D. – Tangiers

    What really happened at Shackelton? What can someone do to get an iterview with your team? Do you have an agent? J.K. – NeoYork

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