Recap Before Session 8

baseThis is a recap of where things stand before the start of Session 8.

The PC’s will start at the base rendevous, which right now is a former secure mansion, but there are expansion plans. All of the PC’s will be there within minutes of game start in the afternoon of 10 March, 2911.

The location is illustrated on the right. 

Sam has arrived alone on the island after sending out a message to rendevous there. He is the worse for wear, but is physically doing well. He has a package and quickly gets into a long discussion with Metatide.

Lake has just arrived from escorting the new prisoners. The prisoners in custody are listed in the Villains Session 7 post. They are being held at a secret facility in the city, awaiting questioning. Dr. Lao and Trista Adams from Dr. Hedgehog’s team are with her. As is Officer Kelsey Vance who after being called up by Metatide earlier has become an ad hoc liason from the NYSP concerning this situation.

He is currently inside the building, recovering from the fight. What he is doing will be reviewed in the upcoming Shadows & Symbols post. Eribos recently seemed to create or summon a shadow creature out of nothing.

She is on the island with Ms. Sakura guarding the first brain taken from Dr. Sato’s lab. Oriana may be worrying about Eribos as her connection to him seems distant. Her apperations of her childhood companion Angelique seem to have ceased.

He has the police annex brain in his possession. He has not heard any follow-up on the team of investigators supposedly looking for him.

Miho Sakura
Ms. Sakura was arranging remote power and containment units for the AI brains, looking into the attacker’s mundane equipment and following up on Lake’s personal request.

He disappeared last night to learn more about Oriana’s apperition. He has not yet returned.

LansingCorp tried to question Eribos but got nowhere. It is obvious someone in Lansing suspects the same thing that Crusader and Dr. Lao do and were trying to deal with it by force.

Doc Hedgehog and his other corporate rebels are unaccounted for. He did not appear with the others.

Who the mercenaries, mutant and non-mutant were and how they are connected to this conspiracy is unknown. Police will report the mercs have implanted cerebrial wetware, including quasi-legal computer-human direct interfaces that haven’t been seen in decades on Earth. The two captured mutants (and the one turned to dust) had comlink headsets of the strange design and are willing to turn them over for analysis; as well as the mutants themselves for questioning.

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