Raiders Hit Outer Colony

“They came out of nowhere,” said homesteader Clive Barnes as he worked with the survivors to begin the cleanup; the aftermath of a raid but a hereto unknown species. The raid, occuring a month ago, only now has been declassified by EarthGov.

The New Denver colony has only been around for some 20 years, and until two years ago was nothing out of the ordinary; a semi-arid fringe world devoid of life but with promise. Terraforming went very well, too well it turned out. Two years ago the colony notice a lichen growing that was not of Terrestrial origin. Botonists and xenobiologists took notice and upon further study determined the lifeform posed no threat to the colonists and was the remnant of ancient life brought back by the improving conditions of the planet due to the terraform process and world orbit shifting.

Debate raged on whether to move the colonists due to eco-regulations; however, it was determined the lichen could help reshape the planet and without human help it would simply die out again. New Denver then faded from the news.

Then the raiders came. They dropped in from orbit and struck a terraforming station 50 km outside of the main settlement, destroying the station completely and burrowing a 0.5 km crater deep into the bedrock using particle beams. Then several dropships of alien origin attacked the settlement, destroying homes and killing several dozen settlers. Several are still missing.

The creatures were described as humanoid. Broad, thick, and shorter than human norms with growing red eyes that could be seen through their helmets. The attacked only those bearing weapons and ignored the others as if they were chattel.

With 30 minutes it was over. The raiders were gone and the ruins remained. EarthForce has indicated that they have secured the system and are investigating both the attackers and what they attacked, including the ruins.

Two related reports have come to light. The first is a xenoarchaelogical mission to Xandius V that reported a similar crater had been delved within the Xandiel Ruins sometime within the last year between the 2nd and 3rd expiditions. The second is that it is rumored that either a prisoner or a cadaver of the raiders was taken from new Denver by EarthForce.

5 thoughts on “Raiders Hit Outer Colony”

  1. A friend of mine in EarthForce says off the record that they do have a prisoner. But it is a lifeform no one has encountered before. D.C. -Geneva

  2. What can’t these colonies be better protected? A single destroyer could have spared the colony an attack. We have some 200 or so destroyers in the star fleet, not to mention system corvettes and even the heavy stuff. Why were they not there? B.G. – Luna

  3. Though the Spacer threat has eased, you still have the Syndarri Confeds, the Dragorians, Thargs, and whathaveyou out there, not to mention human raiders, pirates and more. They’ve got their hands full protecting the Inner Sphere and Core. T.J. – Haven

  4. The colony was supposed to get a CTA cutter in another year or so, but budget cuts put that off until the next election. O.L. – Tashkent

  5. A CTA cutter would have been trashed by these guys. Face it, this colony was just far too small to be of any value to most raiders. What they were up to obviously had nothing to do with the colony, but the thing the colony was built near and the T-form station built on. Do we know if they even took anything from the colony? N.F. – Caracas

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