Battle in North Harlem

This just in. NYSP offcials have confirmed the firefight at the Metro Police Forensic Annex in East Harlem district was indeed a fight between Crusader’s new team, unofficial called Genesis, and several unknown mutant powered assailents attacking the building. NYSP has apprehended several assailents and those on the scene said that Genesis saved the day.

Who the mutants were, why they were attacking, or where they went is a mystery at this time. Genesis members witnessed on scene included Metatide, Eribos, Oriana and Proximus. No information of whether Crusader was there. The mayor’s office, still planning to meet with Crusader and his team, have stated, ‘no comment at this time’.

6 thoughts on “Battle in North Harlem”

  1. How do we know they were mutants? Could have been powersuiters, mercs, aliens. Why do they always assume mutants? E.L. – Warsaw

  2. I saw part of the fight from nearby. WOW! Metatide is HUGE! I wouldn’t get in her way, she took at least two of them out. One punch each! G.G. – NeoYork

  3. I saw a blur I think was Proximus. There was a huge light flash on the east side that must have been Oriana. Didn’t spot Eribos, but I did see his shadowweiving around one the flying suspect. Y.A – NeoYork

  4. Hi guys and gals. Just thought I might drop a word in here. First, you’re all correct. There were mutants but also power-suiters. Second, I actually threw two spinners. 🙂 Third, GG from NeoYork called me “huge”. Um… Thanks? 🙂

    On a more serious note, if you have questions for me or what I do as part of Genesis, leave me a note at the email dropbox I’m leaving a link to here. I can’t promise to answer all your questions, but I’ll read all your email and try to answer the most common questions in a public forum I’ll also list here. I can’t promise the other members of Genesis will be able to do as I’m doing, so remember that I can’t always answer questions for other members on the team.

    Everyone on the Genesis team loves this planet of ours and loves all humanity. We believe in you guys and have left behind livelihoods and family and staked our lives on our trust and belief in you and the beautiful future we can build together. Consider my little forum a way for us to better communicate with each other. – Metatide, NeoYork

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