Adventure Log: Session the Seventh

Current date: 3rd of Solaris

The party divides up the loot.

The PCs are in Carn. Rowe is researching and working at the Temple of Torne. He’s given Kestra a task and is planning on interview some of the other members of the team to try to figure out what’s going on with Bronwyn.

Rowe catches Kestra and warns her who his father really is and to use caution, as Sir Kanderus does rule and control Carn and surrounding area.

Later Naiya comes to Rowe, hearing he wanted to speak with her. He asks to share whatever secrets Bronwyn gaver her. Naiya tells Rowe about the runes, about Wielders being in Bronwyn’s family lines.

Suulwyn and Lucan went to look into purchasing a residence. They told them that Rowe, blessed of Torne, was their party leader and the officials told them they would get back to them.

Lucan meets someone named Cara, a lower daemon, who can tell him something about the daemon blade.

Days pass. Zayne returns to Rowe, looking downcast and upset. The world has changed and he doesn’t like that Arcasia rules so much of Riall.

A messenger arrives. We meet with Maximilian and he shows us a old manor with 100 acres outside the city. The deal is a mere 1,000 gold. We take it happily. Rowe apologizes for his poor mood and manners, and tries to assure Max it was not aimed at him or Kanderus, and that he is truly grateful for the help.

Rowe and Suulwyn have a private conversation. Suulwyn assures him that he and his (Sirelia, the goblins) will support him regardless what comes, but that he wants Rowe to have faith in their path. Rowe thanks him.

Kestra completes her reconnaissance, telling Rowe

Zayne tells Rowe about Trysten. Gareth, Arthien and Zayne’s were best friends. Kingdoms were allied and peaceful. Arthien was king. Gareth and Zayne were lieutenants or generals for him. Gareth was the High Lord of the Daemons at the capital city of Riall, Carn. Gareth married Illiana, who also was a high daemon and they had Trysten. Zayne never married. Arthien eventually married. He was king of Arcasia. 

Trysten was a handful as a child. As she grew up, her mother was the high priestess of the temple of Torne. Trysten was a bit spoiled by her father. Even Arthien. 

Rowan was a young man stationed here, Arthien’s nephew. 

Wielders were commonplace. In society, you apprenticed and eventually would become a master. Rowan was apprenticed to Gareth. Trysten took an instant liking (a crush). Then came a prophecy. Arthien’s brother, Tarkus, was always overly ambitious and cruel. Before they knew it, things were out of control. Arthien was a wielder, himself and Tarkus was jealous of it. Tarkus interpreted a prophecy that would lead to Arthien’s death. Carn was massacred that day. Wielders and daemons were made to appear to be responsible for the death of Arthien. There was a civil war and Tarkus, as history know it, squashed the “rebellious” people responsible for the death of the beloved king and took his place.

Trysten grew up without her parents. So did Rowan. Fate drew them together alone with friends they made in their travels and they worked toward restoring peace among the lands. That’s when the great war escalated. Arthien had an heir. We never found that child. His queen had the child in secret so Tarkus wouldn’t know.

Trysten was special because she lived life to its fullest every day. She helped those she could and did everything she could to help those she couldn’t. She was the child of prophecy. She didn’t want this, but she eventually realized she couldn’t run from it. We don’t know if this prophecy was caused by Tarkus or not. 

The group then worked together and inspired many. We kept peace among the allied peoples. But we failed. 

Rowe asked what the prophecy was.

It is unwanted,

It would be made by choice

A showing of birth

The child shall be marked

And life is changed

Fates entwine and destinies are met

It shall begin on a morning that brings mourning

With children mourn.

Every high daemon child and any who stood in the way were killed at the massacre in Carn. Tarkus believed a high daemon would kill him and so that is why he commanded the slaughter.

Zayne shares his memories of Trysten with Rowe. She is much like Bronwyn in many ways. It gives Rowe a terrible headache. He ends up helping Rowe (to their new) home. 

Sirelia and Suulwyn have a heart to heart.

Kestra is turned into a man by her new magic belt.

We then go to meet Kanderus and give him our vow to defend the city as citizens.

Rowe looks in the garden and sees Trysten’s message in the tree, written when she was young. Maximilian asks when Rowe will stop playing these games with his father.

We come back and there is a goblin workforce doing repairs to the manor. These are of a different clan than Shanks.

Kestra is very upset, thinks she should die. We tell her that’s a bit of an overreaction, that there might be a way to lift the curse. Rowe knows a wielder could do it. Perhaps Trysten?

Then Rowe pulls Suulwyn aside and they discuss the possibility of transfer enchantment. That would require a volunteer to be cursed. They wonder if Shanks might do it for treasure. 

Lucan made a friend by healing a hawk he shot by mistake. A wisp appeared. The wisp told him he gave Lucan Onu and his sister Lelu and that Lucan should take care of them. Lelu is a tiny faerie. Onu is hawk (or rather hawk-like). They are children of nature. 

They were in Carn a year and a half. We do missions for Kanderus and for the region. The people recognize us and know us over time. Rowe makes a connection with his father, telling him about Bronwyn and Vinneas. Lucan discovers new abilities. 

After another half year, Naiya goes home. 

Onu and Lelu reveal that a long time ago, Wielders changed themselves into “children of nature” to escape persecution. In time they bred down to a race of these people.

We try to take a portal to Vhaillon with Naiya but find out they are in civil war. King Tertius was killed there and Vinneas may have issue for the throne.

We leave for Lyeum. We hear that Vinneas turned the crown over to someone else. The Arcasian army mobilized and attacked Enoere and Riaal. There is rumor of a White Witch who punishes “evil” nobles. She has pale skin and white hair. 

We are able to get confirmation that Vhaillon is in civil war. 

1000 XP award.

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