Villains – Session 7

The following listed named attackers at the temporary Genesis facility and the Security Police Forensic Annex.

Ravage Identity Unknown
A freelance mutant with the ability to transform into a large wolf-human hybrid. Wanted offword for several Syndicate-related enforcement crimes; particularily in the Mars Underground. Before the SP Forensics building incident, last seen operating in the Paris Downunder as an enforcer. Cutting claws, Super Strength, Super Speed, Resiliance.

Blur Sussa McRenolds
A freelance mutant thief from Australia. Known corporate raider for the last 6 months when first captured by SP officials after a botched shadowrun. Escaped due to a misunderstanding of the nature of her powers and now thought to be working for nefarious corporate interests. Known for loyalty, but not to the point of putting herself in too much harms way. Hyperspeed, Molecular Shifting

Flare Taisha Umbeki
Mutant from Cairo-Memphis. Wanted for unauthorized use of mutant abilities to destroy property, arson, and assault. Known contacts in the corporate shadow world and has performed duties as an enforcer. Energy Blast, Heat Shield, Limited Flight.

Shockwave Identity Unknown
Powered mutant with the ability to manipulate sound and other vibratory effects. Fairly new in the crimimal world. Known to have participated in corporate espionage and criminal enforcement. Sound Manipulation and Dampening, Flight with technological assistance. CAPTURED

Surge Shan Rust
Mutant criminal wanted for several suspected murders and corporate thefts. Fell out with the Syndicate two years ago on Mars and moved to Earth to work as a freelancer. Known sociopath. Electrical generation, conversion, control and electro-body transmission. CAPTURED

Blight Identity Unknown
Potential alien. First encountered by Genesis. No other records; however powers similar to an attacker against LansingCorp several years ago who is said to have escaped. Captured, but collapsed into a fine powder, which was soon after secured. Nanotechnologic parasite generation, conversion, and control. POSSIBLY CONTAINED

Bion Identity Unknown
A potential Alpha Class mutant or possibly a construct. Immensely strong and resiliant. Watched from above, but did not approach the Annex for some reason, even to help teammates. Super Strength, Flight, Cloaking, Resiliance, Electroblast Generation.

Mercenaries Identities Unknown
These mercs or possibly frelance enforecers seem to have limited experience working together, but are all capable. 9 of 12 CAPTURED

3 thoughts on “Villains – Session 7”

  1. Don’t we have Blight captured, too? We put his dust in a secure container I thought, since we’ve seen his victims reincorporate after being rendered to such dust. We didn’t want him doing that in a situation where he could just walk away.

  2. I updated the post. He’s in a jar. And yes, his victims has reincorporated which is a part of one of his powers (he likely doesn’t HAVE to allow that to happen; but perhaps he was ordered not to simply disintegrate people.

  3. From Miho Sakura
    I have a theory on how to stop or slow down Blight’s abilities since such nanotech is right down my alley. I can work up a serum that working with a small magnetic field generator can repel his nanites. Metatide (due to regen) and myself are likely fairly immune or at least resistant to his nanites.

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