Vanguard III Followup

The Vanguard III mission to Rigel, lead by the EAS Endeavor has reported some new facinating science.  The Meredith, a science vessel exploring Rigel B/C has more importantly discovered the remains of an ancient intelligent civilization that possibly exixted upwards of 10 million years ago to as recently as 100,000 years ago.  The details will be classified for some time as the scientific community reviews the artifacts.  On a more somber tone, several memvers of a Meredith away team were killed in a cavern collapse in one of the digs.  The official announcement is 3 dead, 4 injured, 1 missing; however the names are being withheld pending contact with relatives.

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  1. Addendum
    The EAS Meredith, one of two survey ships accompaning the explorer vessel leading the Vanguard Mission has sustained damage while leading the rescue mission; however it is repairable.

    The Stargate construction continues apace and is due for first stage completion in 3 months.

    The missing crew member from the cavern collapse has been recovered. The dead include Dr. Angelique Durand, Mission Specialist Richard Shelby, and Mission Specialist Ali el-Baz.

    Correction: 2 dead. One of those previously categorized as deceased was revived using extreme measures about the explorer ship. She is expected to make a full recovery. Both her and the injured will be amoung the passengers abord the Meredith when it engages the Stargate in three months.

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