Lansing Names New CEO

Tabitha Warren-Lansing, the first family member of the venerable Lansing clan to head the family business in over fifty years has been named Chief Executive of this system-wide technology congromorate.

Lansing has been hit by a series of scandals and accusations of corruption in the last few years and Ms. Lansing’s goal is to bring the company back to it’s priorities and service to the community of nations and its stockholders.

2 thoughts on “Lansing Names New CEO”

  1. She’s just another part of the hereditary LansingCorp Cabal that has existed since the 20th Century. A thousand years is too long for any corporate entity to exist. How many times have they been broken up and reconstituted themselves under our permissive idiot government? Three? Four? She’ll make no difference. H.T. – London

  2. Despite the actions of certain persons working for Lansing in recent years, they’ve gotten a bad reputation. But Lansing provided my body armor during the Confeds raid at Fornost 2 and it saved my life. Don’t forget the good they do too. L.K. – Decca

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