The Pantheon of Galataea

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Mythology of how the gods came to be: In the beginning there were two primordial gods, Soleria, the godess of light and Nox, the god of the darkness. Both of these gods lived in harmony in the ether of space with dominion over their respective spheres of influence. In time Soleria made the sun as a reflection of her power and energy. Not to be outdone Nox formed the earth as a physical representation of his domain.

The energies that Nox used to make the earth unexpectedly gave rise to sentient entities. In this process emerged Gath, Cirrus, Phlegothon, Nemonon, and Menos the gods of earth, wind, fire, water and magic respectively. They would in time become primordial deities themselves, known as the elemental gods, but in essence they were created by Nox. Nox was pleased at his creations as was Soleria. Both of them began to experiment with creating life in other forms. Nox allowed Soleria to use the earth as well since the sun bore too much energy for any being other than a god to live.

Over eons of time the two gods, and to a much lesser extent the emergent gods, created a variety of life forms on the earth only to destroy them when they grew tired of the experiments. However, Soleria was much more successful in her experiments and over time Nox became jealous over her power and her creations. In a jealous rage Nox set out to destroy all living things on earth again as they had both done before but this time was different. This time Soleria had perfected her creations and came to love them and in turn her creations began to show their appreciation and love for Soleria. When Nox tried to destroy these creations Soleria reacted in a fiery rage.

A war raged on the earth that lasted for millennia between Soleria and Nox. It scarred much of the land and killed many of their creations but in the end Soleria triumphed. She did so by isolating Nox and expelling him into space along with a large chunk of earth. This would become the moon and Nox would be banished to the moon forever revolving around the earth to remind him of his own failures. But Nox was not entirely powerless and he continues to challenge Soleria even today. Most often the moon can only be seen at night where Nox hides from the light but occasionally the moon can be seen during the day. It is said that Nox is defying Soleria on those days when it can be seen. About once a century the moon even temporarily blots out the sun in an eclipse. This is a feared day by most since it is believe that on that day Nox has gotten the upper hand on Soleria but so far in recorded history the moon has only managed to blot out the sun from the sky for a few minutes. Even the cycles of the moon reflect this conflict. Full moons reflect when Nox is at his weakest since his is reflecting Soleria’ light but on a new moon Nox is at his most powerful and most devious. Many of the creatures and races of Galatea today fear the new moon.

Nox has other ways of fighting Soleria. While his abilities to create are limited, he has turned many of Soleria’s creatures against Soleria herself. These are the creatures of the night. While they do not outnumber those creatures which thrive in the day, nonetheless, they are considered dangerous. In return Soleria has continued to create creatures of various shapes and sizes that worship the sun and ignore the night. The flowers that go so far as to close their petals at night are thought to be Soleria’s latest creations.

Soleria is believed to have created all the known existing races of beings but Nox has had a hand in twisting some of them to his own design. The elemental gods have also played a role in shaping Soleria’ creations but to a much lesser extent than Nox.

Primordial Deities

Soleria – Sun God
Nox – God of Night

These gods have always existed. These gods do not require worship to exist although many of the creatures that they have created worship them to seek their favor and power. While these gods do not require worship they take very intimate interests in what is happening in Galatea. In actuality very few people actually worship these deities. Most people venerate the day and fear the night as a part of a primordial emotion that has always been there but very few people actually call upon Soleria or Nox for intervention in their life.

Sun God
Good Aligned Greater Deity
Description: The Sun God, Soleria, is often depicted as a beautiful woman dressed in white. Those that claim to have seen her say that her long golden hair is so brilliant that it is hard to look at. One of the overwhelming feelings that people describe when in her presence is love and peace. Her symbol, unsurprisingly, is that of the sun often ornately decorated according to the tradition of the culture. While temples to Soleria are rare she is depicted often in art, decorations and jewelry. Even those that revere other gods acknowledge the power of Soleria and her place in the pantheon of deities. Even though she is not worshipped like the manifested gods she is still venerated by enchanters, clerics, druids and farmers because she represents the origin of life and the sun is the energy that sustains all life. Paladins sometimes also worship Soleria because she fights the evil of Nox. It is the classic struggle of good versus evil, light versus dark.

God of Night
Evil Aligned Greater Deity

Description: The God of Night, often appears to his followers as a black raven. Rarely, he will appear as a man in black covered in shadow. He never appears during the day. Temples to Nox are far and few in between. When worshipped he is often worshipped under the cover of night and in complete darkness. Any form of light at these ceremonies is considered a blasphemy. Nox is sometimes worshipped by rogues and shadowknights especially those of an evil alignment. However, it is not uncommon for someone to invoke Nox when they have to remain hidden even though they may not venerate Nox normally. Like Soleria, even if you don’t venerate him you recognize his power and his position among the gods.

Elemental Gods

Gath – Earth Elemental God (unaligned)
Cirrus – Wind Elemental Godess (unaligned)
Phlegothon – Fire Elemental God (unaligned)
Nemonon – Water Elemental God (unaligned)
Menos – God of Magic

These gods are considered primordial gods as well even though they were created in the energetic storms created by Nox in the formation of the world. The prevailing belief is that each god was created in the maelstrom of the formation of each of the individual elements. They each have absolute control of their corresponding elements and have been known to imbue various creatures with the essence of the elements. Usually these creatures are those that have an affinity for a certain element or those that revere that element. Many of Soleria’s creations have been altered with the essence of an element. Like Soleria and Nox, these gods do not require worship to exist since their energies originate from the creation of the world but unlike Soleria and Nox, they don’t take much interest in the goings on of Galatea. They tend to be neutral in their alignment to the world as a result. The one exception is Menos, the god of magic. He was created in the maelstrom of the formation of the world as well like the elemental gods but the energies of his creation were closer to the essence of Soleria and Nox containing essences of all the elements. As a result, Menos is often venerated by wielders and enchanters. He is also worshipped by races that tend to have a closer tie to magic like the fey races. Menos is also an exception in encouraging veneration. His energies are tied not only to the earth but to life. It is in life that magic can be best manifested in its most powerful form and Menos gains some of his power through this manifestation of magic of his worshippers.

Menos – An elemental god
God of Magic

Description: Menos is the god of magic. Many of the primordial and manifested gods have powers that are considered magical but Menos represents the kind of magic often associated with the elements and that wielded by true Wielders and enchanters. When he does appear to a follower he is often a tall man robed in silk robes and is hooded hiding some of his facial features. He is called by different names in different cultures but his appearance is similar in all cases. Menos is an unaligned god worshipped by all types of alignments. The focus of worship is the magic and not the intent of its use.

The relationship between Menos and his followers is a mutual one. Those that venerate him draw upon his power to conjure magic but in return Menos gains power from the wielder. The more powerful the magic user the stronger the relationship between him/her and Menos.

Menos expects the following from his followers:
*Seek knowledge of magic and pursue it.
*Devote and dedicate the powers of your magic to Menos.
*As long as you worship Menos you are expected to grow in magic use by practicing and applying what you know in your daily life.

Manifested Gods

Torne – God of Luck
? – God(ess) of Law
? – God(ess) of Chaos
? – God(ess) of Nature
? – God(ess) of Love
? – God(ess) of the Underworld
? – God(ess) of Knowledge
? – God(ess) of Death

These gods were not made directly by Soleria, Nox or the elemental gods. However, much like the elemental gods they emerged from a powerful energy force, the energy of worship. As Soleria’s sentient creations began to call upon the forces they recognized around them, these forces took on forms and energies of their own. Because of this every culture in Galatea has its own set of gods that fall in this category but the ones listed above represent the gods that all cultures share in common (The names above are those from Arcasia). Because these gods owe their existence to worship they must maintain followers to simply exist. This is easier for some of them than others. The net effect is that all of these manifested gods take a much greater interest in the goings on of Galatea than even Soleria and Nox and it is probably why they have become such an everyday part of most people’s lives on Galatea. Even though these gods are as varied in their temperaments and alignments as those that worship them they all aspire to remain neutral to the conflict between Soleria and Nox. Many of the gods may favor one side or the other but to get caught in such an epic struggle would surely undo them and their followers. These are the gods most often taken on as a patron deity and are worshiped more often publicly. The majority of temples and places of worship are to these deities. While any given region may venerate all of these manifested gods, usually one of them is venerated more often than the others.

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