Gods of Arcasia

Goddess of War
Unaligned Manifested God
Description: Depicted sometimes as a warrior woman, other times as a raven or crow, picking over the corpses of the battlefield. To Arcasian thinking, war is unpleasant, sometimes horrific, but often necessary. She is respected and venerated in hopes she will ensure your casualties are few and your enemy’s casualties are many.

Goddess of Cities
Lawful Good Manifested God
Description: Sister to Nyssah, she is thought to be the inspiration and bringer of civilization. Her sister Nyssah, helps makes cities possible through agriculture.

Goddess of Fertility
Good Manifested God
Description: She is often venerated in hopes of good harvests, fertility at home and in livestock, and bounty in fishing.

God of the Hunt
Unaligned Manifested God
Description:An ancient god descended from pre-civilized times, Lykon is still celebrated as the lord of the hunt and all the beasts of the wild.

God of Thieves
Evil Manifested God
Description: Although evil-doers such as thieves and murderers rarely pay respect to any authority, much less a deity, some civilized folk consider them agents of Brakkos, and theorize that some of the most vile acts (especially by the insane) may in fact have been influenced or encouraged by this destructive deity. Some say Brakkos is a staunch supporter of Nox. A few, usually considered insane, deliberately and openly align themselves to Brakkos. They usually attribute their self-serving motives to the greater glory of Brakkos. When a shrine of Brakkos is found in a city, it’s usually there in an attempt by the locals to appease him and avert attention from his minions.

God of Knowledge and Learning
Unaligned Manifested God
Description: He is the patron of knowledge and learning. Bookmakers, tutors, and scholars of all kinds often show this god their respect in their trades. His symbol, a quill and ink, is regularly displayed or integrated into the signs for places such as explorer’s guild halls or book shops.

Goddess of Death
Unaligned Manifested God
Description: She is considered a merciful god in Arcasia because the prelude to death almost always includes terrible suffering, whether due to disease or injury. Mahrai is thought to be a gentle goddess, freeing her charge of pain and collecting them into her warm, earthy arms. She rules the Arcasian Underworld, however, and in this role she is a protective mother to the deceased. She is thought to consult Torn when a healer beseeches her to return the dead to life. If it was the recently departed soul’s time to die, then no amount of sacrifice or cajoling will win this person back to life. But if Torn states the soul’s destiny is yet unfulfilled, Mahraia will release the soul — when given the proper respect and sacrifice as is her due.

God of Fate and Luck
Unaligned Manifested God
Description: Torne is the god of fortune and prosperity. His is the both good luck and ill luck in all things. His followers believe that good fortune comes to those of virtue and are blessed by Torne. Evil men can easily offend Torne and may be cursed with ill luck. Most importantly, Torne is the god of destiny.

The god has many aspects, which are often depicted as female counterparts, messengers, or concubines to the god. Annonaria is the aspect associated with prosperity, especially in relation to a lucky and bountiful harvest. Berry is the aspect most often called upon for luck in war. Primia is prayed to when a priest is divining the destiny of a first born child at the time of birth. Victrix is beseeched when victory in battle is desired. 

Torne expects the following of his followers:
* Be virtuous and kind to others, and good fortune will return your kindness.
* Respect the destiny of others; suffer not a slaver, and place fate into the hands of the individual.
* When fortune falls without welcome, help to ensure this change is for the better in order to avoid a spiraling cycle of ill fortune.

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