Adventure Log: Session the Fifth

Kestra, after having to report to the master of her collar, returned later and had a conversation with Rowe at a nearby bar. They discussed her situation, visions, and the party’s new patron. Kestra didn’t know the master of the collar’s name, but Rowe decided he wanted to meet their patron. Although Kestra was unsure how to go about it, they went to see if Rowe could meet with him.

Bronwyn joined us as well as Lucan. Together we went to find our patron. We met Tobias, a go-to man for the patron. Rowe told him he wanted to see the patron and that the team’s continuing to participate in the Crucible was contingent upon meeting him. Bronwyn was very angry at that.

Meanwhile, Naya has been missing, away with a mysterious gentleman named Val. The next morning she described him to Rowe. He is likely to have been Evayne in a past life.

We also received a writ that allowed us to resupply. This was the first half of Rowe’s request and it pleased him that they did get that much and considers it a small victory, even if a meeting was not granted.

Later the items we’d won were identified. Potion of Storm Shield lvl 8, Potion of Regeneration lvl 9 (AV188-189), Ring of the Phoenix (AV161), Stormbolt Spear Lvl 14 (AV78), Shadow Spike Blade (AV76).

The next battle was against a Yaun-Ti Anathema, a horrific beast, huge and powerful. The team worked together very well and we managed to survive and defeat it. Crowd goes wild!

Next we fought an Oni and its minions. This included ogres and a troll! We defeated this troupe as well.

The third fight of the day was with an astral stalker! It was alone, but it was a handful and equipped with dangerous poison. This was the last fight of the day. 

As we left, Lucan caught site of our patron, with whom Tobias was speaking. We decided to relax and party a bit at a bar afterwards. Rowe and Naya discussed getting a woman to spend a little time with Suulwyn. A little private celebration, so to speak. Bronwyn makes it happen!

Meanwhile Kestra was brought before the master of her collar once more. He asks her to do something if we when the Crucible, something she must not hesitate to do. In exchange he offers her freedom back.

Later that night a chest with items and gold arrived at our room. It included 33,100 gold, Augmenting Wet Stone lvl 11 (AV), Fortification Scale Armor Lvl 9 (AV45), Robe of Sapping lvl 17 (AV), Inescapable Staff Lvl 8 (AV70), Wand of Magic Missile Lvl 13 (AV110), Bloodguard Bracers lvl 12 (AV114), Cherished Ring (AV156),  Necklace Moonlight Lavalirie Lvl 18 (AV 153), Scroll of Leomund Secret Chest.

Share of gold is 5,520 gold each. 

Bronwyn is still seeming “off” in terms of her being drunk a lot lately. No one knows why or won’t say, Bronwen isn’t talking. Rowe is concerned.

Another day passes and a carriage arrives and takes Rowe to the citadel. They meet Val’s brother, Vinneas. Rowe sees the Necklace, the one he is sent to retrieve on Ashard, one of the Drakiss brothers (elder dragons) who run the place.

XP total is 3,880 each.

Rowe, in thinking about his father in relation to a question that Lucan asked about his father’s position in Arcasian, Rowe realized a couple things. First, the king of Arcasian, Tertius, aside from being the one who knighted his father, had three sons. The eldest is Valerian, the second is Vinneas, and the third Attius. A bell sounds in his head — the two eldest sons of Arcasian are here! Vinneas is the one who owns Kestra. 

Naya is therefore shagging the crown prince of Arcasian. 

Rowe spoke with Bronwen about what she’s been up to and she reveals only that she has a role to play in all this and that she put things are already in motion. She didn’t want to discuss it because she felt Rowe would make her miserable for the rest of the time they journey together. However, she insists he will definitely find Tristen.

Rowe acquires Raise Dead and Kestra purchases Transfer Enchantment for him (which he will learn later — out of time right now).

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