Adventure Log: Session the Fourth

Date: Around the 16th of Sylvanis

Kestra has been missing since the party left the Cait Sidhe village, though we were assured we would meet up with her again. What the party doesn’t know is that she was captured by slavers and taken to Ozur. She is currently working for her new “owner” scouting contestants in the Crucible.

The Crucible is an arena, and this event at the time of our arrival is the Grand Crucible, an event that occurs only once every 100 years. It is a huge attraction in terms of gambling. It is the biggest, most dangerous and most rewarding of all the Crucible events. Also, the only way to get into Krevlorn Keep is via invitation — or to win the Crucible.

We appropriated rooms at an inn and tavern called the Drooling Drunkard. Patrons are excited about the Crucible contest and talk about it at length. We learn there is a slave market and that disreputable people from all over Galatea come here to sell their wares.

We discuss among ourselves a little. Sireelia’s relationship with Suulwyn was a point of curiosity for Rowe, but he was satisfied when it was made clear that he was her master by her choice.

The team decided try to get a patron so that we might enter the Crucible competition. Of course, then we would have to win the thing in order to get an invite to Krevlorn Keep, which is Rowe’s ultimate goal. The others have all agreed to participate as a group. 

Meanwhile we are concerned because we still have not found Ketra, and we were told that we would find her here. However, we were impressed to see her in the patron’s booth when we went to qualify for a patron (given that entry to the Crucible cost 20,000 gold). We each went through rounds in an attempt to impress a patron. We all did well, though Lucan struggled a bit — though the crowd really enjoyed that.

Later we celebrated our success back at the Drooling Drunkard and waited hopefully for a patron to contact us.

Kestra arrived and took us in private. She claimed she “Joined a slaver’s caravan somewhat unwillingly.” Turns out she is a slave but can’t say it explicitly. The good news is that her master is now our patron. She will join us in our fight to win the Crucible. Rowe promised to help her out of her situation. “What are friends for?” he said.

Kestra noticed Sireelia. Some of the group decided to get drunk since it’s our last chance before entering the Crucible tomorrow.

For several days, the team went through the opening rounds of the Crucible event. The first significant battle was with a red dragon and the team was successful! Coins rained down in celebration of our victory in the arena! The next battle involved four Tieflings and a Succubus! Although the Succubus dominated Bronwyn at times and also seduced Kestra, we prevailed!

XP Award: 630 xps.

Total Treasure: 2 Potions, ring, dagger, and a spear. (To be indentified later). 22,500 gold. 3,750 per share.

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