Lightsaber Gauntlet

Inspired by SW concept art.

This is an idea for a non-traditional lightsaber type that someone might like to use.

Lightsaber Gauntlet
Size: Small
Cost: 14,000 credits
Damage: 2d6 energy and slashing
Weight: 1.5 kg
Availability: Rare
Required Feat: Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers)
Wrist-mounted weapon: This weapon cannot be disarmed (though it may be targeted and destroyed). Like the guard shoto lightsaber, this weapon is laced with phrik allow that allows the weapon to retain its DR versus other lightsabers, making it a good defensive weapon. It also makes this weapon rather expensive to build.

The blades are usually dual, mounted, very short lightsabers of perhaps two feet in length. However, together, they are capable of inflicting more damage than a typical lightsaber of this size. The guard and dual hilts are resistant to lightsaber damage, making this weapon especially useful in melee combat. Using this weapon in melee grants the user +2 equipment bonus to Block attempts.

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