We try to talk to a disembodied brain or Just a Few more minutes Mom

Crusader Grabbed hold of the hedgehog armor and disappeared into the floor.


As he left he yelled ‘get the others’. So we went after them. Erebos teleported in front of Lake and said something about us being followed. Orianna flew out the doors and threw a blast at a Skimmer that was warming up. So I followed suit and flung my full blast at it. It wasn’t armored or anything so I figured why not.  It started to sound a little rough after that attack and then the bad guys turned.


Lake came through the door and shot that them with the weapon she had picked up from the security guards. Orianna went forward and shot a light blast at one of them and missed.

I popped up so I was above everyone and not blocking anyone’s line of fire and shot at their car again and disabled it.


Then they both of our foes shot at Orianna and knocked her back quite a ways.


Erebos entangled one in shadow.   Orianna Charged the other.

I called on them to surrender but I don’t think I was very effective.


Then someone in purple appeared and said hello.  Erebos said Zel?

Lake said Fans will have to wait until after the fight.

Orianna rushed back and blasted the one she hit again.This time with her full blast.

And knocked one down.   He got back up soon enough and the other one was still trapped in Erebos shadow. The guy in purple ran past the one Erebos was playing with and just smacked the heck out of him or her.

Lake shot at her foe again. Orianna did something and he collaped. 

I told the other one to surrender or I was going to hit him with the skimmer.

The purple guy hit him again. I think it’s a guy. OK I have no idea.

Lake disarmed him and told him to give up.

The one in armor dropped to its knees and opened its helmet. A  woman said something about not telling us anything and we wouldn’t get away with it. Then looked like she was going to swallow something but we didn’t let her.


Soon a police car arrived and Miss Sukura landed in a shuttle and we all entered and flew to a location in Manhattan.


Evidently, the purple being is Zel, the creature we rescued, in a different form.

I loaned him my data pad and set it on the general knowledge tutorial mode so he could learn.


I asked Merious if we could track Crusader in anyway and he said not at this time.

Lake said, “No more missions until Crusader had made contact with us.” Evidently, he had contact Lake just after the battle. 


Suddenly an alarm went off. Merious said something about a dimensional rift alarm.

Whatever the heck that is… not the alarm but how you detect for something like that I suppose ….


It was interesting. Watching Zel and Dr. Z meet and interact. 


We ate and then went to quarters to sleep. 


About Midnight an alarm went off, I went to see what it was and saw the door to Orianna’s room was ripped off.


Zel kept saying how bad and dangerous something was.  They were talking about some beam and a woman that Orianna was seeing on another planet. Zel said that he didn’t like it and it attacked without provocation. I asked where the woman was and Orianna said that they were on Rigel B.   I was handed a scanner and told to “detect things”.  I found anti-matter residue in small amounts, looks like anti-quarks.

Zel said that the entity Its very old and very powerful and very dangerous. The person that was in contact with Orianna seemed to be under some sort of alien influence.


I flew up into space with Zel so he could feed and heal. We talked for a little bit, while he feed on Cosmic Rays. I tried to feed him some of my cosmic rays.  He said he really didn’t like the taste but that he thought it would work. I think he was being nice and didn’t want to hurt my feeling about the whole taste thing.

Zel said he had to leave to investigate the creature that attacked him last night because he didn’t have access to all of his memories. Then he faded out.

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