Dear Proximus

From Lyra el-Kadir,

Dear Proximus,

I’m glad your team was able to help the Guild track down the essense of Dreamslayer. I am leaving tomorrow for Venus to begin my recovery. Mr. Vance has visited me and indicated he might has a position for me at the Titan-Triton Stargate Test Center if I cannot take up my old position at Shackelton, pending Guild approval of course. Let me know if I can ever be of help.

Thank you for all your help,


2 thoughts on “Dear Proximus”

  1. Dear Lyra,

    I hope that you are able to get the rest you need and are able to center yourself and return to your old duties if that is what you wish. If you need anything shipped from Earth while you are on Venus just send me a message and I will send it to you. Have they told you how long you have R&R or is this a you will go back when you are ready. Out of curiosity why Venus?? Are you from there origionally, I am from Auroa myself.

    Hoping to hear from your soon,

    PS when is your birthday and I will send you a fruitbasket or a bottle of wine from my families Vinyard.

  2. Dear Proximus,

    It will take time. The invasion of one’s mind is traumatic enough for anyone, but for a telepath it can be very traumatic. I think I’ll be fine though. Thank you for the offer of help, but the Guild helps its own very well and all my needs have been taken care of. I’ll be off work at least a month more. Unfortunately Shackelton is very busy and they can’t guerentee my position, so I may take up Mr Vance’s offer.

    I was born and raised on Venus, well above Venus actually in Ardea, one of the terraforming stations floating in the greenway, the oxygen belt about 40 kilometers above the surface. It’s home to a quarter million people; my father among them.

    I’ve been to Aurora actually, when I was very young. My father brought me there for some medical treatments shortly after my mother and him split up. It was in Pallasia, just south of Eos. It was nice, but nothing compares to the beauty of Venus; you and the team should visit. Father was born here, and while he tried out the colonial life out on Kaiser Station, he just couldn’t resist the pull of home. I’m a little more curious though and would love to travel the stars, including visiting Aurora again.

    Anyway, have to go. My birthday is in three weeks on March 29th. I know that is too soon to get anything shipped from Aurora, but thank you for your offer anyway. Perhaps a visit by your team once things get sorted out on Earth with all that robot trouble? My father is a terraforming engineer with alot of connections; maybe he can help out?

    Take care,


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