Adventure Log: Session the Third

Played November 16, 2008

Cast: Bronwen, Naya, Suulwyn, Lucan, Rowe

The group met at a tavern near the town center and talked about our visions. Bronwen, whose visions pertained more to her personal quest and who did not appear in anyone else’s vision, seemed grumpy. She left after asked about her visions.

On Treasure Splits: It was established how party treasure would be divided. Magic items would be split up according to who can best use the items. Other treasure will be divided into shares and everyone gets a share of that.

Bronwen gambled and drank with some strangers at the bar. Seemed to be hitting it bit hard. Rowe watches.

The village prepares for it’s monthly celebration with family. Meanwhile Bronwen gets into a fight with her new gambling buddies. Some guys seemed to stand up for her and leaves when she does. Rowe follows. They end up outside Asia’s where Browen and the stranger get into fisticuffs. However, it seems to be a good-natured brawl and Rowe leaves them be.

Lucas heads to the house we are staying at and discovers Spud passed out and dressed in vision robes. Naya and Rowe decide to help the village with the village-wide preparations for the next day’s celebration.

The next morning, Suulwyn has a conversation about visions with Spud but it doesn’t go too far… Eventually he goes to Asia’s place. He searches for direction for himself and does find some guidance.

Bronwen came in the next morning but apparently had no mating rituals going on the previous night.

Spud introduces a new friend – Shank. The goblin is much smaller…

Rowe and party decide to go to Xyas. He leads them to his tree-home. From there, they went immediately to Xyas and we then headed back to Sam’s bar.

Sam said they were put in the back rooms until we would wake up after the brawl, but Sam was surprised to find that we were missing later. He did find there were suspicious strangers in town, but they got away and also he was getting that info from an alley drunk.

Sam helped us get passage on a ship and we went to the city of Bronwen’s home. Her family is noble, rich. Following rumors of disappearing towns near Carn, we got passage via teleport there. Bronwen provided this on condition that Rowe would tell her what was bothering him about Carn.

In the marshes near Carn we discovered villages that were wiped out. A survivor told us marauders were culling the villages. Killing some, but taking others, especially those able to fight. The survivor said they were taking these people to something called the Crucible. This is located in Ozur.

The only way to Ozur then, was via some kind of teleportation circle in Carn. As we journeyed toward Carn, Spud turned into some kind of cocooned…. uh thing. 

We got to Carn and Rowe found out that a person he was concerned about running into was called away from town on realm business. He then began looking into acquiring a scroll for linked teleport and info on the Ozur teleport circle to make the connection. Otherwise, it would be a heck of a walk… 6,000 miles!

Naya was approached in Carn by another Draccus, her cousin Ruby, who gave her bad news — her brother disappeared in Donivesh. She was asked to look into it.

A priestess found Rowe and took him to the temple of Torn with her. He spoke with the high matriarch there and she knows he is looking for Tristan. She asks him to return something to the temple. Something he would know when he sees. He accepts and she said she would help them with their travels. 

Suulwyn has a conversation (privately) with his god (Menos).

Spud “hatched”  from his slimy cocoon as — an eladrin female. Very beautiful! Her name is now Sireelia.

We made it to Ozur via the Temple of Torn’s magic. We then discovered there that the Crucible was an arena. Survivors are recruited into the military or pirate crews, or whatever/whoever was impressed enough to buy them. The Crucible is run by Ashard and Braddox. They are brothers. They are full Draccus originally from Vhaillon but were banished a long time ago. Fights are staged over the course of weeks/months. Champions are then taken to a feast at Krevlorn Keep.

Rowe realizes what he is looking for for Torn’s Temple in Carn is in Krevlorn Keep.

XPs: 1000 each.

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