Villains – Session 6

Trista Adams
Security specialist who like Darian used to work for Lansing and Initech. Dismissed from Lansing due to her refusal to participate in certain actions involoved in the Archeron Incidient.  In league with Song Wu Lao and Dr. Hedgehog, she admitted under questioning by Metatide that she was involved in a plot to stop or blackmail a so-far undisclosed member of the Lansing Board or other high up who is conducting illegal AI experiments – experiments that may have dire consequences for Earth and humanity. 

Song Wu Lao
Computer scientist and rights advocate. Also worked for Lansing and on leave from Initech.  Unquestioned, he waits in a holding cell.

Amethyst – Dr. Angelique Durand
Exoarchaeologist and one of the proteges of Eribos and Orianna’s parents. Very ambitious and intelligent, she was friends with Orianna as a child. Visions of her with voices of others are appearing periodically within Orianna’s field of vision and then with further experimentation with this alien technology whe was able to create a gateway and had crossed over to Earth when Xel entered the room.  The alien technology, in specific a faceted amethyst-like crystal two feet in diameter reacted violently to Xel’s presense and lashed out at him.  Eribos leaped in the way, absorbing the blast but causing a manic-depressive state to manifest. Angelique was suddenly drawn through, only later admitting to Oriana that the reaction had injured some of her collegues.  Her attitude toward the alien tech and her abilities seemed overly confident and arrogant, even beyond her once admirable confidence.  What became of her and the archaelogical mission is so far a mystery.

The Brain – Captured Brain
An old AI brain from 200 years ago that’s been brainwiped by Doc Hedge’s team who were going to use it as a fall back if their negotiations fell through for additional evidence. They noted it had been discovered recently (within the last year) by someone else who had been modifying it, but who gave up for some reason; hence some upgrades. With it and another unactivated prototype, they hoped to triangulate the position of the Master Brain. Their plan failed when it awoke prematurely to a ‘call’ from the Master Brain, leaving one of the culprits dead.

The Master Brain –
A modern unasimoved AI device being built by a faction within LansingCorp. The builder(s) are either unaware or unwilling to do anything about it’s mechanical telepathy to others of its kind. So far, no non-asimoved androids have reacted, but at least in two cases, old, long-hidded True-AI devices awoke and sought it out. A body/housing/armored exobody was also being developed, a prototype already supposedly exists, but Doc Hedge and his team’s actions have slowed the development of an operation version.

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